Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Long Lost Princess Anastasia?
How Much Do You Know About the Long Lost Princess Anastasia?
By: John Miller
Image: TheThings

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The Romanov dynasty was a fixture in Asia for hundreds of years, scaling their way to power in Russia. They dictated the country’s political course in peacetime and in war … and eventually, conflict came to their front door. Nicholas II was the Romanov in charge when turbulence in the early 20th century threatened the safety of his family, including one of his daughters, Anastasia. Her family’s story — and hers — would take some very strange twists. What do you know about the missing Princess Anastasia?

Anastasia was the youngest daughter of the great emperor. She was no weak-minded bit of royalty. Instead, she was considered whip-smart, funny, and sometimes downright rough. She loved to be outdoors climbing trees (which sometimes she refused to descend). But during a period of political turmoil, she was sent to confinement … and couldn’t even open a window for fresh air. What do you know about the events that led to the captivity of the Romanovs?

Russia churned with chaos in 1917, but the family still had high hopes for some return to normalcy. However, the power struggles were intense, and the revolutions that burned would not go out anytime soon. Anastasia’s family was subjected to a sudden burst of violence — and the world couldn’t believe what happened. Do you know how the Romanov family met its end?

Rumor had it that Anastasia disappeared completely. What happened to the young duchess? Was she living a new life under an assumed name? Her story captivated the world for decades. Put on your detective hat, take this quiz, and see how much you really know about the disappearance of Princess Anastasia!

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