Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Mexican-American War?
How Much Do You Know About the Mexican-American War?
By: John Miller
Image: Adolphe Jean-Baptiste Bayot, Carl Nebel

About This Quiz

“I do not think there was ever a more wicked war than that waged by the United States on Mexico. I thought so at the time, when I was a youngster, only I had not moral courage enough to resign.” Those were the words of none other than Ulysses S. Grant, a true American hero who gained fame in the Civil War and then became president. In our violent quiz, do you know anything about the conflicted conflict called the Mexican-American War?

In the 1840s, America was a bustling place, a new nation still growing into the territories acquired during the gargantuan Louisiana Purchase. But leaders and settlers alike were drawn to the areas of the West, for both economic and political reasons. Do you know which issues became focal points during the months and years before the war?

Mexico had gained its independence from Spain just two decades earlier. As a result, it was turbulent and divided place, where clear leadership was lacking. It was a perfect opportunity for another nation, led by the minds of Zachary Taylor and Winfield Scott, to step into place and assert its dominion over Mexican lands. Do you know how citizens on both sides of the border responded to the saber rattling from American and Mexican governments?

When hostilities commenced, thousands of soldiers took to the battlefields of the southwest, with huge ramifications on the line. Load your muskets and fire away at our Mexican-American War quiz now!

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