Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Military Strategy of Napoleon?
How Much Do You Know About the Military Strategy of Napoleon?
By: J. Scott Wilson
Image: Prince Corsica

About This Quiz

In modern times, we often accuse aggressive people of short stature as having a “Napoleon complex.” As with so many misconceptions, Napoleon Bonaparte was by no means short (he was 5’7 and totally average height for his era) and he was no mindless loose cannon, either. He was, instead, one of the finest military leaders of all-time, and his intelligence, boldness, and ruthlessness devastated one enemy after another. In this quiz, what do you know about the strategies and tactics of Napoleon?

Napoleon grew to adulthood in time for the French Revolution, in which his people cast off the monarchy and embraced the concepts of liberty and individualism. He served in the army, demonstrating such exceptional leadership that he was soon climbing the ranks. Within no time at all, he was a general. What do you know about the tactics that made him so successful in combat?

Within years, Napoleon was ordered to command large groups of soldiers who set out to attack France’s enemies. At war, the young general found himself opposite much more seasoned commanders – and he defeated them. Do you know how this inexperienced genius blasted experienced generals into shameful defeat?

Napoleon’s long-term strategies also served him well. He understood that he had to divide and conquer his many European enemies, lest he find himself at their mercy. Take our Napoleonic warfare quiz now! Maybe you’ll lay waste to your foes … or perhaps you’ll be exiled to die in the middle of nowhere!

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