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The NFL grinds through college football stars by the score. Only a few players survive the brutality of the gridiron and make a name for themselves. How much do you know about the NFL's most legendary players?

What position did Barry Sanders play?

Lions running back Barry Sanders ran for more than 1,500 yards in each of 10 seasons. He finished with 15,269 yards and still had plenty left in the tank when he decided to quit the game.


Which famous quarterback was sometimes called "The Comeback Kid"?

Joe Montana's heart pumps ice water. In 32 games, he rallied his team during fourth-quarter comebacks, making him "The Comeback Kid" or "Joe Cool."


Which QB has more wins than any other?

Tom Brady has more wins than any other QB. As of late 2017, he's logged 213 wins, while the second-place (and retired) Peyton Manning has 200. Brady, of course, looks to win a whole lot more games before he's done with the NFL.


MVP quarterback Dan Marino played his entire career for ____.

Marino was the last quarterback to be selected in the famous "Class of '83" draft, which featured several high-profile QBs. He played his whole career for Miami but never won a Super Bowl.


What position did Giants legend Lawrence Taylor play?

Taylor was a menacing linebacker for the Giants in the '80s and '90s. In '86, he was so good that he nabbed 20.5 sacks in a single season.


Which quarterback was the first overall pick of the 1998 NFL draft?

Peyton Manning played for Tennessee in college and emerged as the number one pick of the draft. He didn't disappoint -- he broke nearly every QB record during his stellar pro career.


O.J. Simpson was the first NFL star to _____.

In his prime, Simpson averaged more than 100 yards rushing per game. He was the first running back ever to rush for more than 2,000 yards in a single season.


What was one famous nickname for quarterback Johnny Unitas?

Unitas had a strong and accurate throwing motion, so he was "The Golden Arm." A lot of people also called him "Johnny U."


Emmitt Smith is the NFL's all-time leading _____.

Smith played most of his unparalleled career with the Cowboys. He finished with 18,355 yards and 164 rushing TDs.


What sort of playing style defined QB Brett Favre?

Favre spent his glory days with the Packers, when he zipped the ball all over the field, sometimes with reckless abandon. His willingness to take risks led Green Bay to Super Bowl glory.


Joe Montana won four Super Bowl titles for the 49ers. How many times was he named Super Bowl MVP?

Montana was always critical to the 49ers offense. In four Super Bowls, he was named the game's MVP three times.


Which position did Steelers star Joe Greene play?

"Mean" Joe Greene was a big, strong defensive lineman during the Steelers' glory days of the '70s. He helped Pittsburgh claim four Super Bowls in just six years.


How many times did John Elway lead the Broncos to the Super Bowl?

Denver's Elway led the team to the Super Bowl five times. He finished with a 2-3 record in the big game.


Which team did Anthony Munoz play for?

Munoz was a big and supremely athletic offensive lineman for Cincinnati in the '80s and '90s. He was so talented that he sometimes caught passes, too.


Adam Vinatieri is best known for which amazing feat?

Vinateri had one of the most incredible careers ever for a placekicker. Not only did he play for four Super Bowl champs, he also kicked the winning field goals in two of those title games.


For 52 years, quarterback Johnny Unitas held the record for _____.

Unitas was incredibly consistent. He threw at least one TD pass in 47 consecutive games, a record that Saints star Drew Brees finally broke in 2013.


True or false: Does Cleveland QB Otto Graham hold the record for highest QB winning percentage?

It's true, Graham was a steady winner at the pro level. He played in the '60s and '70s and still holds the best QB winning percentage (.788).


Famed Cleveland running back Jim Brown played college football at which school?

Brown was a unanimous All-American running back at Syracuse. But he didn't stop on the gridiron -- he was great at lacrosse, basketball, and track and field, too.


Why did the Indianapolis Colts release star QB Peyton Manning?

Manning underwent a neck operation and the Colts weren't sure he'd ever bounce back. He did come back -- but not with the Colts. He did so with Denver, where he won a Super Bowl ring.


Which of these great players NEVER won the NFL MVP award?

Rice is hands-down one of the best wide receivers ever to play the game. He was the MVP in a single Super Bowl … but was never named the regular-season MVP.


Ronnie Lott did NOT play for which of the following teams?

Lott was a defensive power, mostly during his days with the 49ers and Raiders. He played for four teams, but never the Broncos.


Running back Walter Payton was the ____ pick of the 1975 draft.

Payton was a star at Jackson State University, where he was named an All-American. Then the Bears picked him fourth in the draft and he became one of the best running backs ever to play in the NFL.


Which top-notch quarterback wasn't selected until the sixth round of the NFL draft?

Tom Brady had a solid college career at Michigan but didn't dazzle anyone at the scouting combine. He fell to the sixth round of the draft but then rose to superstardom with the Patriots.


Thurman Thomas was a fantastic running back for the Bills. In college, he played on the same team as _____.

Both Thomas and Sanders played college football at Oklahoma State. It was easily one of the best backfields in amateur football history.


Broncos QB John Elway was renowned for which skill?

Elway was an amazing all-around athlete and he could launch the ball far down the field. But he was quick on his feet, too -- he ran for TDs in four Super Bowls.


How many times did Reggie White ("The Minister of Defense") win the NFL regular season MVP award?

White was a terror for the Eagles and Packers who made the Pro Bowl 13 times. Yet he was never named NFL MVP.


Dick Butkus was a vicious linebacker for the Bears. Where did he play college ball?

Butkus was a hard-nosed kid who played college football at Illinois. Once his pro career was over, he became a major media celebrity who appeared on TV and in movies.


Jim Brown was a famed running back in Cleveland. He finished his career with how many rushing yards?

Brown was one of the few running backs to break the coveted 10,000-yard mark. He finished with 12,312 yards in his illustrious career.


Bears star Gale Sayers was renowned for which trait?

Sayers was one of the hardest players ever to bring down -- he could dodge the hands of almost any defender, making him an incredibly effective halfback and kick returner.


Which of the following quarterbacks has the most Super Bowl appearances?

"Terrific" Tom Brady has appeared in a whopping seven Super Bowls already. And given his continued excellent play, he may yet appear in future Super Bowls.


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