Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Most Famous Treaties in History?
How Much Do You Know About the Most Famous Treaties in History?
By: John Miller
Image: Reading Through History

About This Quiz

Will it be a bargain worth dying for or a deal with the Devil? Only history knows how nations will perceive the treaties that their leaders negotiate. And those treaties might mark the start of a new expansionist era … or the downfall of an empire. How much do you know about history’s most famous treaties?

It’s hard to get two people to agree on lunch, so imagine the difficulty in finding common ground between millions of citizens in multiple nations, particularly in a time of warfare. Diplomats work overtime to find solutions, and sometimes there is a breakthrough that makes its way into hard-copy form. Do you know the treaties that ended the world’s terrible wars?

Just as treaties can make or break countries, they can seal the legacies of the men and women who negotiate them. In our quiz, can you name the people who were instrumental in bargaining their way to major peace resolutions?

The Treaty of Versailles, the Treaty of Paris, the Camp David Accords … the list goes on. Some created lasting peace, while others set the stage for murderous conflict of the worst kind. Take our famous treaties quiz and see if you’re a political genius or a warmongering madman!

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