Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Origins of Sports?
How Much Do You Know About the Origins of Sports?
By: John Miller
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Unless you’re the XFL, you don’t generally invent sports leagues out of thin air. Athletic events tend to evolve slowly over the years, gathering more and more players, and then associations, and then leagues that dictate games between the elite. Do you think you know the origins of the world’s popular sports?

You already know that baseball is considered “America’s game.” But was this sport truly born in the United States, or did it come to life in, say, Africa? There are many legends regarding baseball’s birth – do you think you can pick out the facts from the falsities?

Pro football seems like a fairly modern invention, right? Did you know that football has been around for well over a century … and that it used to be even more dangerous than it is today? The Super Bowl is the world’s biggest TV production, but did you know that it’s a relatively new concept?

From soccer to volleyball to hockey, sports are one of the most popular programs on live TV. The Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil, for example, drew about 3.6 billion viewers in 2016. Not bad for an athletics event that got its modern start in 1896.

Grab your favorite sports ball (or a beer) and put away your smartphone, cheater! Take our quiz and see if you know anything about the roots of America’s favorite sporting events!

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