Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Reformation?
How Much Do You Know About the Reformation?
By: John Miller
Image: Rick Steves' Europe

About This Quiz

Whether you’re a devout Catholic or an outright atheist, there’s no denying the power of religion around the world. That fact was never more evident than during the Reformation of the early 1500s, when politics, religion — and propaganda — all collided during a time of high drama and political intrigue. Do you think you can quell the uprising of our Reformation quiz? Or will you crack under the pressure of Protestantism?

In the 16th century, the Catholic Church wielded so much power in Europe that the pope and his priests could do just about anything they wanted … and so they did. Corruption began rotting the Church from the inside out, and it was all done under the pretense of saving the souls of their followers. Do you understand the issues that caused such widespread corruption?

A guy named Martin Luther decided to challenge the Church, and he managed to strike a chord not only with Church leaders, but with ordinary Europeans, too. Soon, his ideas were everywhere. Do you know how Luther’s ideas spread?

The Reformation started wars, toppled rulers and refocused parts of Christianity. You don’t need any Hail Marys to start this quiz, just say your prayers and see if you really know the Reformation!

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