Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Settling of the American West?
How Much Do You Know About the Settling of the American West?
By: John Miller
Image: John Trumbull

About This Quiz

In the early 18th century, European-Americans knew almost nothing about the lands of western Northern America. In our westward-bound quiz, we’ll explore the politics and culture of the people who uprooted their lives in the East for the potential fortunes in the frontier. Do you think you have the wits and sense of adventure to understand the lives of homesteaders and adventurers?

In the East, opportunities for land development were dwindling. Commoners were stuck in a familiar situation – dealing with the whims of the powerful landowners who dominated politics and business. As the West gradually opened, so too did the possibilities for people of the lower class. So, they left behind their families or packed them into wagons and rolled toward the sunset. Do you know what policies encouraged their westward sprawl?

From land rushes to golden dreams, hundreds of thousands of people poured into the West in hopes of better lives. Do you know the challenges they faced as they made their perilous treks? Not only did they deal with Indians and awful weather, but sometimes they conflicted with each other, too. In many cases, only the most daring survived, while the unlucky were sent packing for the East … or left to die in the elements.

In our Old West quiz, we’ll see if think you really understand the complexities and challenges of the frontier. Maybe you would have become a wealthy rancher or saloon owner or feared gunfighter – or maybe your untimely death would be marked by nothing but rattlesnake skins and dust. Take our frontier quiz now!

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