Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Southern United States?
How Much Do You Know About the Southern United States?
By: John Miller
Image: Today I Found Out

About This Quiz

“Y’all come back now, ya hear? Next time we’ll fry you up some frog legs and get out the sweet tea for a nice long visit on the veranda.” If you’ve ever traveled the United States, you know there’s no place quite like the South. It’s an area renowned for its hospitality, conflicted history and modern vitality. What do you really know about the Southern region of America?

In the 1600s, the South was a land of plenty, where agricultural pursuits could hardly go wrong. But labor shortages were a real problem, and in the ensuing decades landowners would go to extreme lengths to make a profit. Do you know how their decisions impacted the economy and culture of the South?

What is “the South,” anyway? An economic term? A political ploy? A cultural twist of the tongue? Or some mix of all of the above?

What do you know about the cities and landscape of the South? Is it a place where you’d go to build igloos? Or is it an area you wouldn’t be caught dead in without a working air conditioner?

Let’s meander through the American South, wending our way through the cotton and the sugarcane in search of the truth. How much do you really know about the Southern United States?

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