Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Three Branches of U.S. Government?
How Much Do You Know About the Three Branches of U.S. Government?
By: John Miller
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Throughout much of human history, kings and queens ruled supreme over countries far and wide. The crown was power, dictating the terms of daily life (and sometimes death) throughout kingdoms. In the wake of the American Revolution, the Founding Fathers deigned to attempt a new style of human governance. After feverish and combative writing sessions, they finally devised a framework for the United States government. How much do you really know about the three branches of America’s government?

With its 50 states and numerous territories, America is a geographically and demographically diverse country, the third-largest nation in the world. Given its sprawl and complexity, it relies heavily on the Constitution’s guidance in matters of creating new laws, taxation, warfare, suffrage, and a whole lot more. What do you really know about the makeup of the branches of U.S. government?

Each of the branches of government comes with specific powers meant to balance the abilities of the others. Without this balance, one branch might otherwise become too influential. Do you know which branch wields specific abilities at the federal level?

Cast your vote in this amazing American quiz now! We’ll find out what you really know about the various branches that make up the U.S. government.

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