Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Treaty of Versailles?
How Much Do You Know About the Treaty of Versailles?
By: John Miller
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About This Quiz

In 1914, the world witnessed the outbreak of armed warfare the likes of which no one could have ever imagined. The bloodbath that was World War I featured major technological advances, like machines guns, enormous artillery guns and for the first time, fighters and bombers sweeping through the skies. Generals on the ground couldn’t make any sense of the tactics they needed to address these tools of destruction … and so men died by the millions. In this quiz, what do you know about the document that finally ended the state of war between the combatants?

The Treaty of Versailles is no ordinary treaty. It brought an official end to the worst war that humankind had seen up to that point. As such, it has a major place in history. But the treaty turned out to be simply a ceasefire of the worst kind – it gave the combatants just enough time to review their strategies, build their armies, and then collide again in an even bigger war. What do you recall about the political implications of this iconic document?

At issue in the Treaty of Versailles: How do the victorious countries deal with the losing side, particularly when they perceive the vanquished as the war’s instigators? The answer, at least in 1919, was to punish the losers with the full force of international law. Sadly – and predictably – there were a lot of unintended consequences of the treaty. And less than a generation later, the world would reap the harvest of the treaty’s terms.

This quiz is no dry exercise in diplomacy’s paperwork. It’s all about the devastation of war, the human desire for vengeance and the karmic consequences of murder. What do you know about the Treaty of Versailles?

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