Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Use of Codes in WWII?
How Much Do You Know About the Use of Codes in WWII?
By: John Miller
Image: Pfreundtner

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World War II is often called a “total war,” because many of the countries involved were fighting for their very existence. In an effort to confuse the enemy — or to steal their messages — countries formed special units dedicated to creating or deciphering transmissions that were meant to be secret. Both sides had major successes and failures in cryptography. In this quiz, what do you really know about the use of secret codes during the Second World War?

In the decade before the war began, the Germans began honing multiple cipher systems and machines that would prove their worth. But other European nations, witnessing the rise of Nazism, immediately set about trying to crack those codes long before the first bombs fell. What do you know about the codes that the Third Reich used to protect its nefarious schemes? And how much do you know about the heroes who committed their minds to unraveling the complexities of German ciphers?

Because their necks were on the line, Europeans were the first to really begin breaking Axis communications. Americans, however, did plenty to assist the effort. Together, they built amazing machines meant to counter German brilliance. What do you know about the tools that cryptoanalysts used for their vital wartime efforts?

The codes of WWII are the stuff of spy movies and epic dramas. The men and women who crunched the numbers and assembled real information from scrambled data became legends in their own right. Take this WWII secret code quiz now!
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What was the name of the most famous code making machine of WWII?
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"Cryptanalysis" became very important during WWII. What’s that?
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Which country devised the famous Lorenz cipher machines?
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At the beginning of the war, Germany sent most of its coded transmissions via what means?
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True or false: in the mid-1930s, Polish researchers managed to crack the Enigma machine.
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Which country organized the Government Code and Cypher School following World War I?
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What was the Allied code name for high-level intelligence captured from German signals?
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By 1940, Britain’s Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS) was actively trying to break ____ different code systems.
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How were the Allies finally able to break the Enigma machine during the war?
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In addition to Germany, what nation used Enigma machines in WWII?
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How did the Allies gather most of their Ultra intelligence?
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Marian Rejewski was a famous cryptologist from which nation?
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What was the name of a collection of computers that the British used to decipher Lorenz codes?
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In the war, what sort of information did British General Montgomery glean from intercepted Germany communications?
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Lorenz cipher machines were used for what sort of messages?
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During the war, the United States employed Navajo people and their language to transmit secret messages. They were called ____.
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The British bombe machine was used to figure out which important bit of information?
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How were the Germany navy’s Enigma machines different from those used by the rest of the armed forces?
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What codename did British codebreakers use for German cipher streams?
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The British created Colossus to break Lorenz ciphers. Colossus is often regarded as the world’s first _____.
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When did the Allies finally get their hands on a Lorenz cipher machine?
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How did the Germans attempt to thwart the effectiveness of Native American code talkers?
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Why did German spies mostly fail in their efforts to understand Native American language in advance of WWII?
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True or false: the Navajo were the only Native Americans who served as code talkers in WWII.
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British cryptanalyst Alan Turing not only played a major role in WWII codebreaking, he is also considered a pioneer of which technology?
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During the war, Comanche code talkers used a term for Hitler that roughly translated to _____.
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True or false: German cryptanalysts believed that the Allies broke Enigma during the war.
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The codebreaking techniques of WWII contributed heavily to the development of which product?
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