Quiz: How much do you know about the Victorian Era?
How much do you know about the Victorian Era?
By: Jaclyn lavine
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Think you know everything there is to know about this highly moralistic, straightlaced, era? Prove it!

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What little revolution was her grandfather, George III famous or?
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What disease plague the Brits during the Victorian Era?
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Which doctor discovered the cause of the cholera epidemic?
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Who was responsible for building the new sewer system?
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What world changing technological revolution begin in England before and during the Victorian Era?
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What was one major downside of the British Industrial Revolution?
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What strange and creepy photography became popular during this time?
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What genre of book was born during this period?
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Which work of literature was a famous Gothic novel written during this period?
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How many children did Albert and Victoria have?
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How long did Queen Victoria mourn Albert's death?
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What famous unidentified murderer roamed the streets of Victorian London?
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What major scientific discovery occurred​ during the Victorian era?
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What odd event did the Victorians get great joy out of?
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What major mode of transportation transformed life in Victorian England?
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What British buildings of art and culture, were built during the Victorian era?
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How long were women expected to mourn after the death of their husband?
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What famous theorists and scientists saw huge success during this period?
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Which political or social Movement began during the Victorian Era?
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When did the Victorian era end?
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