Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Warplanes of WWI?
How Much Do You Know About the Warplanes of WWI?
By: John MIller
Image: Rebel Pilot

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In World War I, industrialized nations fashioned incredible killing machines of all kinds. The result? A stalemate of trenches, as men dug in just hoping to survive storms of artillery and a hail of machine gun rounds. But the battle wasn’t limited to terra firma — for the first time in human history, combat raged in the skies, too. Do you know anything about the aircraft of the Great War? Take our warplane quiz and find out!

Airplanes had only been in existence for a few years when the war began. Forward-thinking leaders knew planes might be a key to survival, so they began investing heavily in warplane technologies. Do you know which innovations made planes deadlier by the day?

Neither side had many warplanes when fighting erupted. By the end of the war, though, tens of thousands of aircraft had launched (and crashed) as part of the cataclysmic war. Do you know which planes were most common?

Not all planes were created equal. Some were fairly reliable, while others were downright treacherous for the pilots trying to get them into the air. Do you know which planes suffered from major problems?

From the Sopwith Camel to Fokker planes of every stripe, the Allies and Germany relied heavily on planes as fighters, bombers and scouts. Take our WWI quiz and see if you know these incredible warplanes!

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