Quiz: How Much Do You Know About These Famous MLB Sluggers?
How Much Do You Know About These Famous MLB Sluggers?
By: John Miller
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Baseball’s best sluggers are the guys who get the biggest hits when it counts most. During their careers, they’ve tallied up RBIs, bulky batting averages and towering home run numbers that mere average players can only dream of. Do you really know anything about the Major League Baseball sluggers in this quiz?

As with so many aspects of baseball, slugging is actually denoted by a statistical formula. The so-called “slugging percentage” tracks how effective a batter is at the plate, and gives added weight for extra-base hits and home runs. Do you know the players who’ve leveraged the slugging percentage to their advantage during their careers?

Let’s get to the heart of the matter — in the end, sluggers are defined by their ability to hit home runs when their teams really need them. Guys like Babe Ruth, Roger Maris, Andre Dawson and Johnny Bench all had a sixth sense for when they really needed to smack a big one ... and then they’d go to the plate and do just that. Do you recall some of the biggest slugging moments in MLB history?

Can you name the teams and statistical performance that really make the sluggers in this quiz worthy of the Hall of Fame? Wind up and throw whatever heat you think you can muster — you need it to dodge the bats of these hero sluggers!

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Which slugger had the nickname "The Sultan of Swat"?
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True or false, did Mark McGwire play his entire MLB career with the Oakland Athletics?
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The famed Mickey Mantle played every season of his career with which team?
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What position did Willie Mays play?
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Which team drafted Reggie Jackson in 1967?
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Harmon Killebrew owns the AL record for consecutive games with a HR against the same team. Which team did he make suffer during that streak?
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What was slugger Mike Schmidt’s nickname?
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Slugger Ted Williams played his whole career with which team?
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Who was the first player ever to appear in 2,000 consecutive game?
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Willie Mays played almost his whole 22-year career with the _____.
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In 2001, who was NOT one of the sluggers who took part in a season-long HR race?
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How old was Jimmie Foxx when he made it into the big leagues?
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Which player was often called "Bad Henry"?
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In 2007, which player passed Hank Aaron for the most HRs in MLB history?
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Mickey Mantel hit upward of _____ HRs during his 18-year MLB career.
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What was Harmon Killebrew’s nickname?
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In 1961, Willie Mays hit _____ HRs in a single game, a number that’s still tied for the best single-game HR record.
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Which player owns the record for most HRs in a single season?
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How many home runs did Mark McGwire hit during his career?
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What did Frank Robinson do the year after he was traded away by the Reds?
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Jimmie Foxx did NOT play for which of the following teams?
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Mickey Mantle was the first _____ to join the 500 Home Runs Club.
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Slugger Ted Williams was a combat pilot during which war?
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Ken Griffith, Jr. was so famous during his career that people just called him _____.
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Who was the first baseball player ever to be featured on the front of a Wheaties cereal box?
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How many pro seasons did Joe DiMaggio miss due to World War II?
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How many teams did Jose Canseco play for during his 17-year career?
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If you’re referring to a slugger nicknamed "Big Daddy," you’re talking about which player?
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Lou Gehrig played every year of his ____-season career with the Yankees.
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In ‘61, Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth’s HR record (60) by hitting how many home runs?
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