Quiz: How Much Do You Know About These Famous WWII Invasions?
How Much Do You Know About These Famous WWII Invasions?
By: John Miller
Image: wikipedia

About This Quiz

The Second World War was marked by endless attacks and counterattacks, often retracing the same battle-scarred ground for years at a time. Most of those little incursions are lost to history. The big invasions, though, were quite literally history-changing. Can you name one of the big WWII invasions right off the top of your head?

There were a lot of enormous invasions during the war, in both the European and Pacific theaters. Do you know who launched the invasion that started the entire war? And did you know that that invasion was justified thanks to a fabricated excuse?

Did you know that Hitler really wanted to invade Britain … but never did? Do you know why? And do you know where he vented his rage instead of England?

Do you know which side coordinated and perfected amphibious invasions during the war? Do you recall where the most important invasion of the entire conflict took place?

New technologies and weapons changed the way armies conducted their invasions during this global conflict. Where once shallow waters were off limits, WWII found navies taking their fight all the way to the beaches – forever changing battle tactics.

What do you really know about the invasions of World War II? Close your eyes, imagine the shouts of generals, hear the bullets whizzing by, and take our invasions quiz now!

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