How much do you know about Top of the Lake?


When did "Top of the Lake" first air?

The first season aired in 2013, but for many people, it didn't come on their radar till later. The second season will air in 2017!

What is the name of the second season?

"Top of the Lake: China Girl" is the title of the second season. Nicole Kidman is in it! And of course, Elisabeth Moss is still the star.

What is the name of Elisabeth Moss' character?

Elisabeth Moss plays Robin Griffin, a woman in New Zealand. The second season takes place four years later in Sydney, Australia.

What is the profession of Elisabeth Moss' character?

She is a detective, investigating the disappearance of a 12-year-old pregnant girl. In the second season, she investigates the death of an Asian girl. Hence the title.

On what channel did the show air in the United States?

The show aired on the Sundance channel, which is known for showing indie television. In the U.K., it aired on BBC Two.

What genre does the show fall under?

The show is a mystery drama, following the investigation of the lead detective, played by Moss. It's quite suspenseful and gets into the nitty-gritty of things! Typical Jane Campion.

Which American actress is in the show?

Holly Hunter is in the show. She plays G.J., a Swiss spiritual leader. She comes to Paradise with a group of troubled women.

Why is the show called "Top of the Lake"?

Moss' character returns to her hometown of Laketop. She specializes in sexual assault cases.

Which is true about the show's screening at Sundance?

It was the first TV series shown at Sundance, and all seven hours were screened at once! There was a lunch break somewhere in there.

When will the second season air?

September 2017! Everyone write it on your calendar. It got rave reviews at Sundance, yet again.

In terms of the nitty gritty, what does the show explore?

In typical Jane Campion fashion, the show explores women's issues, particularly rape culture. This is why the show is quite controversial and important.

Who was originally offered the role of Robin?

Campion had worked with Paquin on "The Piano," and she was offered the role first. Paquin turned it down because she was pregnant at the time.

Which is true about Nicole Kidman's role?

Nicole Kidman joined the second season, and the role was written for her. Naturally! It took 5 weeks to film her role.

What was the other festival that the show was screened at?

Of all things, it was screened at the Berlin Film Festival! That being said, it's a wonderful festival, and the show was really well received there.

When did Jane Campion and Holly Hunter first collaborate?

That was their first collaboration, and it earned Holly Hunter an Oscar! This is the first time they have worked together since.

How long is one episode?

Each episode is approximately an hour. In the first season there were seven episodes, and in the second season there are six.

How many seasons were there supposed to be?

Originally there was only supposed to be one season, but Jane Campion eventually changed her mind. She asked Moss to do the second season by slipping a napkin under her hotel door.

In an interview regarding "Top of the Lake," what did Moss reveal about her religion​?

She never discusses it in public, but Moss is a Scientologist. This is a popular religion for many celebrities.

Which "Game of Thrones" actress is in the show?

She plays Moss' new partner, Miranda, in the second season. Talk about two strong leading women!

Who auditioned for Holly Hunter's role?

The actress is known for her work in The King's Speech, Zero Dark Thirty, and Fifty Shades of Gray. The role was given to Holly Hunter instead.

Which award did Moss win for "Top of the Lake"?

She has never won an Emmy, although she was nominated for "Top of the Lake." She was also nominated 6 times for "Mad Men."

For what did Campion receive the Palme D’Or at Cannes?

25 years ago she won the Palme D’Or for "The Piano." "Top of the Lake" was the second piece of work that she brought to Cannes.

Where is Jane Campion from?

Campion is from New Zealand, and during filming she lost funding due to the fact that she didn't cast a Kiwi actor in Moss' role.

How long did filming of the first season take?

Not all that much time, when you think about it. But within 18 weeks, the cast and crew were able to complete all 7 episodes.

How many towns in New Zealand was the show filmed in?

All the filming of the first season took place in two towns in New Zealand: Queenstown and Glenorchy. Glenorchy was the location for the fictitious​ town of Laketop.

Aside from the Sundance channel, where else will you be able to watch season two?

The episodes will be available on Hulu following the premier. That means that you get to watch it for free!

Do folks in the U.K. get to see it before or after the States?

They get it in July! Bloody hell. It doesn't seem fair. I hope they don't spoil it.

Which of these is NOT an actual critique of season two?

No one is calling it pretentious. In fact, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive so far. Excitement is building!

When was the second season of "Top of the Lake" announced?

Hard to believe that it was announced back in 2014, and here we are three years later! These things take time.

Who plays Al Parker in the show?

David plays the dutiful detective sergeant Al Parker. He's also known for his work in 300, Australia, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The character of GJ was inspired by whom?

The anti-guru known as U.G. Krishnamurti was the inspiration for Holly Hunter's character. He was an Indian philosopher that questioned enlightenment.

Aside from Campion, who is the director of season two?

He is an Australian director based in London. He replaced Garth Davis, who was the co-director of season one.

Aside from directing, Campion did what for the show?

Not only did Campion direct the show, but she also wrote it! Talk about a lady of many talents.

Where does Elisabeth Moss live?

Moss lives in NYC on the Upper West Side, with her two cats. Always interesting to know these things. . .

Tui, the girl who disappeared in season one, is last seen doing what?

She's last seen standing chest-deep in a frozen lake. Truly, things can only go downhill from there.

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