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Trophy hunting is not a new sport by any means. Our ancestors were hunting as a sport since the development of the earliest civilizations when they learned the difference between domesticated animals and game animals. Of course, they used spears and bows instead of guns, but the thrill they got was all the same as the hunters competed against one another for the biggest kill. 

Today, trophy hunting is a major sport that is still enjoyed across the world from Africa to Asia to North America. The sport benefits local economies where hunting is prime and helps with the preservation of conservations that host trophy hunters. 

Luckily, the sport also benefits from regulations which help maintain the wildlife that hunters enjoy chasing each year. Many of the most prized animals that are hunted are endangered or close to it, so these regulations allow the sport to continue without wiping out the population of those animals. 

Are you a huge fan of trophy hunting? Do you gear up and head out each year to bring home the biggest prizes that you can later show off to your friends? If you think you know everything about the sport, here's a quiz where you can prove it!

What does trophy hunting provide to conservation efforts?

Trophy hunts range from a few hundred dollars to around $100,000. The most expensive hunts usually involve animals that are near endangerment.


What is the biggest threat to replace trophy hunting because of its value to conservations?

Supporters of trophy hunting argue that it provides locals with needed resources to keep them from killing off indigenous animals. However, tourism has hampered that argument because the influx of visitors provides an economic boost to the local communities as well.


What do you need to check before transporting your trophy?

The United States leads the world in export services. These services are driven by the United States' hunger for innovation.


What is often required to import a trophy kill?

Hunting gear is one of the top selling sporting goods. It falls behind exercise equipment and golf gear.


What do you need to know about an animal to get a permit?

Even in the world of hunting, animals are referred to by their scientific name. This allows organizations and agencies to better classify exactly what is being hunted.


Which is NOT considered wildlife in the United States?

The Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act of 1937 has significantly bolstered the endangered wildlife across the United States. Much of the funding for the restoration comes from taxes applied to hunting and archery equipment.


Which type of birds cannot be transported through the United States?

Birds often migrate to avoid harsh weather conditions in a region. For example, many birds in the United States migrate south during the winter.


What protects migratory birds in the United States?

Researchers know of around 4,000 bird species that migrate yearly. Those birds make up around 40 percent of the bird population.


What protects marine mammals from being imported into the United States?

Marine mammals, of course, live in the ocean. However, they are unique because they give live birth, nurse their young, and are warm-blooded​.


What is an exception to the Marine Mammal Protection Act?

Scientific research of marine mammals can lead to long-term gains for the animals. The research provides both economic resources and knowledge of the animals and their habitats.


Which nation allows polar bears to be hunted?

Polar bears are known for traveling vast distances across the Arctic in search of food. They primarily eat seals but also munch down on walruses and whale carcasses.


Who must guide hunters in their search for polar bears?

Polar bears tend to be solitary animals. The trait of individualism is only broken during breeding season.


What's the common name of the Cervus elaphus?

The antlers of a red deer are filled with living tissue. The tissue is surrounded by a casing known as velvet.


Starting in 2017, where did the United States agree to allow elephant trophies to be brought back from?

Elephants are a popular labor source in many parts of the world. They are easy to train because of their high intellect level.


What is it called when animals are kept in captivity until they are ready to be hunted?

In a canned hunt, animals are purchased before they are killed. Hunters are often allowed to choose the exact animal they want to kill, which is then released and shot.


Where is canned hunting legal in the United States?

Canned hunting is heavily criticized by both hunters and animal rights activists. Critics accuse the practice of being unsportsmanlike and unfair to the animals.


Where are lions canned hunted?

Canned hunted animals are typically comfortable around humans who they rely on for food. This reliance on a food source means these animals are less likely to run away, which gives hunters a guaranteed kill.


What's the common name of the Zenaida asiatica?

White-winged doves are found in desert habitats. They will fly up to 25 miles or more to locate a water source, which is usually saguaro cactus fruit.


What is the top country for imported trophies into the United States?

Canada is home to the largest land animal in North America, the wood bison. These animals can weigh up to 2,000 pounds as an adult.


Which is NOT one of the African "Big Five" trophies?

When it comes to size in the cat family, tigers are the largest on Earth. They can reach 11 feet in length and weigh over 600 pounds.


In which African country are most leopards hunted and imported back into the United States?

Leopards are some of the greatest tree climbers in the world. These cats will drag prey that weighs more than them up a tree to keep other predators from reaching it.


What do you use to hunt turkeys?

Male turkeys can be very aggressive birds. They will attack humans and other large animals if it impresses hens during mating season.


What is the common name of the Equus burchellii?

Zebras can reach speeds exceeding 60 mph. Foals, the name for baby zebras, are able to keep up with the herd within a few hours of birth.


Where can you find grizzly bears on a hunt in Alaska?

Grizzly bears are omnivores. They like to eat meat such as fish, but they also eat nuts and berries.


The population of which animal is increasing in Canada, posing a potential threat to elk and caribou?

Wolves use howls to communicate with one another. These howls can be confrontational, especially if another pack is nearby.


What is the largest trophy hunting animal in the deer family?

A full-grown moose stands taller than a horse. They have antlers with a span as long as five feet.


Which animal in North America has made a resurgence after nearly being hunted to extinction in the 19th century?

Bison have lived in Yellowstone National Park continuously since prehistoric times. They are the only bison free of cattle genes, making them pure descendants of early bison.


What is the common name of the Chen caerulescens?

Snow geese fly in flocks, meaning they are social birds. This also makes them ideal targets for hunters.


What's the common name of the Ursus americanus?

In North America, there are more black bears than grizzlies or polar bears. North America is also the only place you can find black bears, though they live in areas from Canada down into Mexico.


What is the biggest port of entry in the United States for animal trophies from Africa?

The Port of New York and New Jersey is the busiest port on the East Coast. The port supports both sea transport and air transport.


What is the most common trophy imported from Botswana?

Ivory from elephant tusks has a large support base on the black market. It is used for many Eastern medicines, which have no scientific backing.


What is the common name of the Phacochoerus africanus?

A warthog's face is covered with thick growths of skin. These growths look like warts, thus the name warthog.


What is the most common trophy import from Tanzania​?

Buffalo are some of the most violent animals on the safari. They reportedly kill more hunters than any other animal in Africa.


Which country are most white rhino imports from?

When it comes to land mammals, white rhinos are second in size only to elephants. These magnificent creatures can weight up to two tons and stand about six feet tall.


What is the common name of the Oryx gazella?

Gemsboks have long, straight horns that grow to over 120 cm in length. These horns are used for defense and territorial fights.


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