Quiz: How Much Do You Know About UCLA Basketball?
How Much Do You Know About UCLA Basketball?
By: John Miller
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When you think about sports dynasties, a few squads come to mind. In the NBA, the Boston Celtics and their 17 titles are the Mount Everest of hoops achievements. The Montreal Canadiens, although in a serious drought, have won an incredible 24 Stanley Cups. Nick Saban and his Alabama football team are on a seemingly eternal run of titles. And then, of course, there is the UCLA men’s basketball team. In our Bruins quiz, do you think you can nail all of our long-range UCLA questions?

UCLA started its team in 1919 and for years didn’t really make any sort of impression in the basketball world. The team couldn’t even manage a .500 overall record during its first couple of decades. But then the university hired a new coach, and suddenly, Bruins basketball became a thing. Do you know the name of the coach who made UCLA basketball worth watching?

The right coach made all the difference, and great talent helped, too. From Reggie Miller to Ed O’Bannon to Bill Walton, the Bruins have consistently landed some of the best high school recruits in the country. Tynus Edney, Kevin Love, Tracy Murray, and heaps of other stars have graced the Bruins’ hardwood at one point or another. Can name the team’s other heroes?

The stars truly aligned for UCLA in the mid-20th century, as the team embarked on an amazingly long run of top-notch success. Even blue bloods like Duke, North Carolina and Kentucky still fall short in terms of UCLA’s glittering history. Lace up those high tops and take our UCLA Bruins quiz now! Even if you’re a hoops history diehard, you may find that this team is even more incredible than you thought.

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