Quiz: Do You Know These Extraordinary Wedding Traditions From Around the Globe?
Do You Know These Extraordinary Wedding Traditions From Around the Globe?
By: Abi Luftig
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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Or maybe you need a horseshoe! When it comes to wedding traditions around the world, some are the same, but others are completely different! How much do you know about wedding traditions from around the world? 

When it comes to wedding traditions across the globe, there are a lot of differences! While it's taboo for anyone other than the bride to wear white in an American wedding, you'll find many UK bridesmaids adorned in the color. Around the world, you'll find guests throwing rice or confetti at the new couple, but in one country, you'll see the groom shooting arrows at his bride!

With all these wedding traditions, how many of them do you know? In the Indian culture, what kind of plant is used for the temporary tattoo adorned on the bride's body? How many bouquets would you expect to see a Mexican bride holding? What food are Russian newlyweds using to decide on the head of household? 

All over the world, you'll find new couples ready to say "I do" to each other. While the sentiments are the same, the traditions surely aren't! From whacking the bottom of the groom's feet to sawing a log in half, how many of these weddings traditions do you know?

Are you saying "I do" to this quiz or are you getting cold feet? Let's find out!

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Indian brides are adorned with Mehndi, designs painted on with a paste made from what plant?
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Australian weddings often feature a unity bowl, which is filled with what?
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Greek brides are known to tuck what item into their gloves before their wedding?
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In Fiji, it's extra tricky to ask your beloved's father for her hand in marriage, because you must present him with a tooth from what animal?
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In Mauritius, which is the preferred body type for brides?
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In which country, known for its ancient archers, does the groom shoot arrows at his bride?
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The happy couple might not appear to be such in the Republic of Congo, because what are they forbidden to do during their wedding?
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Ouch! Korean tradition states that the night before the wedding, a groom must have which part of his body beaten?
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How many white doves do Filipino newlyweds release into the air?
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Bottoms up: French couples have a tradition of drinking the leftover champagne from what unusual container?
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The inhabitants of which island nation often line the streets to watch the bride walk to her wedding and offer commentary (and occasionally heckle) on her appearance?
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According to Korean tradition, grooms are supposed to give what animal to their future mother-in-law?
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Swedish brides are known to carry a silver coin and a gold coin. Where does she keep them?
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A Norwegian bride wears what type of special headdress?
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In traditional South African weddings, the parents of the bride and groom each bring what element to give to the newlyweds?
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In Sweden, is it acceptable for a woman who is not the bride to kiss the groom?
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Borneo newlyweds are prevented from doing what after their wedding?
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Newlyweds from which South American country make a game of sneaking off before the end of the reception?
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It's traditional for newlyweds in which international capital to take wedding photos in front of The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier?
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Scotland has a, shall we say, colorful tradition in the days leading up to a wedding. It is known as _____ the bride?
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At Guatemalan weddings, the Mother of the Groom welcomes the happy couple to the reception by breaking a white porcelean bell filled with what?
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In Mexico, it is traditional for the bride to carry how many bouquets?
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What is thrown at Czech newlyweds as they leave the ceremony?
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In which island nation is it considered bad luck for the bride's feet to leave the floor?
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In which part of the United Kingdom is it customary for the groom to present the bride with a carved wooden spoon?
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A German wedding ceremony involves the couple using what tool?
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Which part of the old rhyme doesn't apply to Italian brides?
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Japanese ceremonies often include the rite of san-san-kudo, which focuses on how many cups of sake?
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Which South American country has a tradition of baking a fake wedding ring inside the cake?
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Which country has a tradition of smashing plates and making the married couple clean them up?
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What seemingly cruel tradition do Kenyan fathers of the bride carry out?
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Indian weddings include the traditional game of "Joota Chupai," which the hiding of what article of clothing?
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What must a Russian groom do the morning of the wedding to appease his bride's family?
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