Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Wolves?
How Much Do You Know About Wolves?
By: Heather Cahill
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

The wolf has been a majestic symbol of power and strength for many years. Think you know about these beautiful animals? Find out!

Wolves are the wild dogs of the Northern Hemisphere. While they seem cute and cuddly as pups, they grow up to be powerful and feared by many. However, they shouldn't be feared! Did you know that wolves are related to the dogs that we have as pets?

Do you know how many wolves stay together in a pack? How about how they communicate with each other? Do you know the diet of a wolf in the wild? Wolves live a tough life in the wild, so they have to know how to form alliances, communicate and get their food to survive.

Do you know how big the average wolf is? What about their lifespans? Maybe you even know their eye color? There are many identifying factors of a wolf that help us to tell them from a coyote or a pet pooch. All three can be quite similar looking, after all!

Did you know that wolves have been victims of declining populations many times? Thankfully, these international treasures have been helped by humans to sustain their populations. People for many generations will have the opportunity to see these animals in real life. If you think you're a true expert on wolves, then take a shot at this quiz. You probably know more about these majestic animals than you think!

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