Quiz: How Much Do You Know About WWI Bombing Tactics and Strategies?
How Much Do You Know About WWI Bombing Tactics and Strategies?
By: John Miller
Image: Jan Svoboda

About This Quiz

In 1903, the Wright Brothers simply wanted to become the first inventors ever to send a heavier-than-air vehicle soaring through the heavens – they weren’t intending to make machines of war. But no matter their intentions, that’s exactly what their first test flights did. Just a decade later, Europe exploded into World War I, and both sides built rickety planes as fast they could, hoping to leverage this brand-new technology to beat back their enemies. What do you really know about the bombing tactics and strategies of the Great War?

He was one of the most brilliant military leaders of the conflict, but he was dead wrong about flying machines. Around the time of the war, famed French general Ferdinand Foch said, “Airplanes are interesting toys, but of no military value.” 

As the war gathered steam, both sides realized the value of planes for reconnaissance, which was the primary purpose of air power in WWI. But as the planes improved, so did their offensive capabilities. Do you know how the first pilots managed to bomb targets all over Europe?

The first bombers were laughably simple. They unreliable nature meant that they were almost as dangerous to their own crews as they were to the enemy. How did pilots and crews refine their attack tactics as the war dragged on? And how much damage did these bombers really do, anyway?

Dive into the cockpit of this WWI quiz now! We’ll see how much you really know about bombing tactics and strategies of the Great War.

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