Quiz: How Much Do You Know About WWII Plane Engines?
How Much Do You Know About WWII Plane Engines?
By: John Miller
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

In the 1930s, leaders from around the world could already hear Hitler’s drumbeat of war, and they feared the worst – that the Nazis were building scores of tanks and planes meant to reduce Europe to ruins. On both sides, engineers took a fledgling technology – the airplane – and frantically did their best to make these engines more powerful and more fuel efficient for the coming war.

Do you know how those engineers approached plane engine challenges of the day? Did you know that not all of their designs worked – not even the ones that were meant to power the most advanced aircraft in the entire war?

Plane engines were the throbbing hearts of both Allied and Axis forces. Reliable, high-altitude engines could alter the course of entire battles. Sputtering designs could doom vital offensives.

Do you know the name of the iconic engines that helped Britain fend off the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain? And do you have any idea which sort of motor helped position a bomb called Little Boy over the industrial heart of Hiroshima? Without these engines, perhaps the war would’ve taken a very dark turn.

Grab your favorite wrench, it's time to get greasy. Dig into our WWII plane engine quiz and see if you know the engines that powered the most famous planes of all time.

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