Quiz: How Much Do You Know About WWII Tanks?
How Much Do You Know About WWII Tanks?
By: John Miller
Image: wikimedia

About This Quiz

During the Great War, generals contended with a unique problem — modern weapons versus outdated battlefield tactics. The massive carnage that resulted forced millions of men into protective trenches, and a stalemate ensued. Engineers began building armored vehicles meant to defeat trenches … and the concept of the tank was born. In the Second World War, tanks got more reliable and much deadlier. In this quiz, do you think you really know the tanks of World War II?

By the end of the war, it was indisputable that the Soviet Union and Germany made the best tanks of the conflict. Furthermore, the Nazis had another major advantage that they put to use in armored combat. Do you recall why some tanks were better than others, how some brilliant generals maximized their capabilities?

There were numerous classes of tanks produced in WWII. Some were meant to provide fast support for infantry units on the move. Others were rolling fortresses, with massive guns and thick armor that made them virtually impervious to regular anti-tank munitions. What do you know about the various types of tanks in the war?

Movies and historical accounts have glorified the tanks of WWII. Tens of thousands of these vehicles prowled battlefields in both the European and Pacific Theaters. Close the hatch, man the 88mm gun and take aim at this dramatic WWII tank quiz now!

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During World War II, the Sherman tank was built by which country?
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The Panzer Mark IV was the most common tank from which nation?
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Which country had the most tanks at the beginning of the war?
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What feature, which was lacking in many WWI tanks, became common with WWII tanks?
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What was a key feature of the Panzer Mark V Panther?
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What sort of reputation did the Soviet T-34 have in WWII?
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The Panzer Mark VI Tiger was equipped with which weapon?
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Many Sherman tanks used gasoline for fuel and had a reputation for doing what?
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What was a primary trait of the British Churchill tank of WWII?
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What was NOT another name for the so-called "cavalry" class of tank?
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About how many T-34 tanks did the USSR built during WWII?
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What was a common nickname for Sherman tanks?
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What was a primary advantage of diesel-powered tanks in the war?
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True or false, at the beginning of WWII, were German tanks vastly superior to other tanks?
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What technology did the Germans use to coordinate their fast-paced tank attacks?
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About how many tanks did the Allies have at the beginning of the Normandy invasion?
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The Panzer Mark VI Tiger had as much as _____ of armor.
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The M5 was an upgraded version of which tank?
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What was a nickname for the M5 Stuart?
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In 1943-44, how many tanks did America manufacture?
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What was one of the biggest advantages of Sherman tanks?
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The Crocodile was a variant of the Churchill tank. How was it different?
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What was special about the Sherman DD?
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How many Soviet T-34s were lost during WWII?
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The German Tiger I tank was an excellent tank with which drawback?
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Compared to many models, Sherman tanks were relatively ____ to repair on the battlefield.
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The Churchill tank had about how much frontal armor?
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How many tanks did the U.S. ship to the USSR during the war?
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