How Much Do You Like Your Significant Other?

Diana Spasic

How flawed is your significant other?

Have you ever felt tempted to cheat?

If your partner decided to leave you tomorrow, what would hurt you most?

When the two of you go out at a bar together, how are you most likely to act?

How well does your partner fit into your life?

How often do you and your significant other argue?

Does your partner get along with your friends?

Do you feel like the two of you are on the same page when it comes to your relationship and plans for the future?

Can you imagine growing old with this person?

Are you sometimes jealous of your partner's relationships with other people?

What do you think about your partner's family?

If your love interest became less physically attractive in any way or lost their job and/or savings, would you still feel the same for them?

What do you think about your lover's taste in music?

Imagine your sweetheart got a huge promotion and suddenly started earning triple what you are earning. How would you feel?

Do you feel like your partner always puts you first?

How often do you feel proud of your significant other?

Have you ever thought about leaving this person?

How long did it take for you to fall in love after the two of you first met?

What does your family think about your relationship and your choice of a partner?

How do you feel when the two of you are alone?

What's your first reaction to getting a cute message with heart emoticons from this person?

Do you think you could do better in terms of choosing a partner, or is your chosen one "the whole package?"

When the two of you are apart, do you think a lot about your partner?

Do you consider your significant other your best friend?

Have they ever made you cry?

If you could describe your love interest in two words, what would those words be?

Have you ever imagined getting married to this person?

Is there anyone you like more than you like your significant other?

What was your first impression of your partner when you first met them?

Would you say you like your lover as a person?

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About This Quiz

Most people tend to idealize their significant others, especially in the early stages of a relationship. You may be in love with someone without knowing them very well, and while your heart might be telling you one thing, your head may be screaming the opposite. Sometimes we are blinded by lust and love and can't tell whether we're in love with a person or with our vision of that person. 

When you like the personality traits of the person you are in love with, you feel like you've finally found your soul mate; but falling in love makes us vulnerable, and sometimes we stay with someone even if we don't like everything about them. 

The butterflies in your stomach, the warm, cozy feeling when you kiss or hug your significant other, and the outstanding passion the two of you share are signs of you being in love, but how much do you like your partner's personality? Do you find their outlook on life inspiring? Do you think they are the right person for you? Are you proud of your significant other? Would you trust them with your pet? Is this a person that might be allowed to peek into the deepest corners of your soul?

Take this quiz to find out how much you like your significant other, and be prepared for a surprising result! 

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