Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know About Car Engines?
How Much Do You Really Know About Car Engines?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: gilaxia / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Without an engine, your car becomes useless! Unless you are Fred Flintstone!

Car engines provide our vehicles with the power they need to move from A to B. This power is moved from the engine, through the transmission to the differential which in turn moves the wheels. And you're moving! Imagine having to work that all out like the first designers of the internal combustion engine did over a century ago. Let's face it, those men were very clever and we certainly thank them for that.

Modern car engines consist of many more parts than those older examples. Many things can go wrong, which could lead to a drop in performance, or even the engine seizing in the most extreme cases. All those parts need to work in perfect harmony. When they do, your engine runs at its peak level, just as the manufacturer intended. But you have a part to play as well. By getting your vehicle serviced regularly, you ensure the engine remains in proper working condition.

But we digress! Let's get to the real reason you are here! How clever are you when it comes to naming engine parts and answering other questions based on car engines? Do you fancy yourself a winner in that regard?

Let's find out then!

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