Quiz: Do You Know Your Firearms? Take a Shot at This Firearms Quiz!
Do You Know Your Firearms? Take a Shot at This Firearms Quiz!
By: Narra Jackson
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Do you know which country invented gunpowder? Even in its infancy, this invention would change the world forever for everything from the celebration of fireworks to hunting, sport, protection and, of course, warfare. 

This is more than just a quiz on small arms. This quiz looks at everything from the history of firearms, the current firearms industry and firearms in entertainment. For example, would you be able to figure out which "Wizard of Oz" character was known to have carried a gun? Or, the weapon that 007 James Bond made famous? How about which material the first gun was made out of, or the name of the machine gun that was so powerful it broke apart upon firing?

The history of guns is centuries old and has helped to literally shape the countries and cultures of the world - both for good and for bad. Guns have been a major weapon throughout the last few centuries of war and have paved the way for explorers on every continent from Africa to North and South America. 

How about unique history, such as which country brought the first gun into space or which manufacturer created a gun advertised as having the "most highly-desired zombie-slaying features"?

So take aim, this quiz is going to test you from all angles. It's time to take your shot. 

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