Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know About the Confederacy?
How Much Do You Really Know About the Confederacy?
By: John Miller
Image: George N. Barnard

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When he was elected president in the fall of 1860, Abraham Lincoln knew that he had his work cut out for him. Little did he know, however, just how dire the situation would become. His Southern brothers rebelled against his authority, creating a new nation with its own values and laws. How much do you know about the Confederate States of America?

In the mid-1850s, America’s population was mostly concentrated in the eastern part of the country. But the northern region was much, much different from the South. The so-called antebellum era found the North embracing the Industrial Revolution, while the South maintained older (and rather savage) traditions. Do you know the issues that divided these cultures?

As national politics deteriorated, the South gave rise to the Confederate States of America. Suddenly. America was divided into two parts – an untenable situation, particularly for the North’s new president. Do you know how the Civil War began?

Men like “Stonewall” Jackson, James Longstreet, Jefferson Davis, and many more were about to become icons of rebellion. Their deeds – and misdeeds – served as lessons for generations to come. Crank up “Dixie” and fire up the cotton gin, let’s see how much you know about the Confederacy that started the bloodiest war in American history. Take our Confederacy quiz now! 

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