Quiz: How Much do you Really Know About the Green Bay Packers?
How Much do you Really Know About the Green Bay Packers?
By: John Miller
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Led by a slew of professional football greats, the Packers routinely dominate the NFL. How much do you know about this unique group of gridiron gladiators?

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The Packers play in which division of the NFL?
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Earl "Curly" Lambeau is a significant figure in Packers history. Who was he?
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What's the name of the Packers' current star quarterback?
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Packers fans are borderline football fanatics. They are called what?
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What's one of the team's more common nicknames?
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True or false, are the Packers the oldest team in pro football?
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Curly Lambeau was an enormously successful head coach for the Packers. He helped the Packers win how many football titles?
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How many times have the Packers won the Super Bowl?
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The Packers made it to the NFC Championship game in 2016. Who did they play?
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In 2011, the Packers went on a tear, finishing with a 15-1 regular season record. The team's single loss was to _____.
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The Packers play on a famous football field. What's it called?
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Aaron Rodgers had to bide his time before becoming a starter. He was a backup for which great player?
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In 2011, the Packers seemed nearly unstoppable on their way to a 15-1 record. After a first-round bye in the playoffs, they faced which team?
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Jordy Nelson is a very popular player for the Packers. What position does he play?
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Aaron Rodgers has been one of the most spectacular players in the NFL in recent years. How many Super Bowl titles does he have?
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Who did the Packers play in Super Bowl XLV (2010 season)?
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The Super Bowl trophy is named after a former _____ with the Packers.
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Brett Favre is one of the most celebrated Packers players ever. How many Super Bowls did he win?
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Jordy Nelson isn't just an amazing wide receiver. He's also been listed on the Packers depth chart at what other position?
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QB Aaron Rodgers was on fire during the 2011 season. How many TD passes did he throw that year?
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Who did the Packers play in Super Bowl XXXI (1996 season)?
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For decades, many football fans called the Packers simply the _____.
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The Packers were dominant in the years before the Super Bowl was established. How many pre-Super Bowl titles does the team have?
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Antonio Freeman was a star _____ for the Packers in the '90s.
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The Packers haven't always played in their current NFL division. From 1970 to 2001, they played in the ____ Division.
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In 2011, Jordy Nelson had one of his most productive years as a wide receiver. How many TD passes did he catch?
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Green Bay has the longest _____ in the entire NFL.
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Who was the first free agent player ever signed by the Packers?
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