Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know About the Incas, Mayans, and Aztecs?
How Much Do You Really Know About the Incas, Mayans, and Aztecs?
By: John Miller
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In the late 1400s, Europeans set sail toward the West and stumbled into the New World. What Christopher Columbus and his men couldn’t have known was that they’d ventured into an area that had already witnessed the birth and death of major civilizations unlike anything Europe had ever seen. What do you know about the legendary Maya, Inca and Aztec societies in our quiz?

Western history tends to emphasize the European exploration — and exploitation — of Central and South America in the 1500s. But the Maya, Inca and Aztec peoples built (and destroyed) civilizations of majestic proportions before any white people ever set foot on their turf. How much do you know about the difference between these various cultures?

The Incas, Mayans and Aztecs overlapped in some ways, but they also had distinct characteristics that made them unique to history. They worshipped different gods, built varied political systems, and even had very different architecture. Do you think you can pick out the various details that made these societies special?

Although their empire days are long over, these cultures left behind a wealth of artifacts and symbols that endure. Their customs and dialect are still strong, too. Let’s see how much you know about these fascinating native societies in our tough history quiz!

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What’s one reason the the Maya civilization is so famous?
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Machu Picchu is a famous citadel that was created by which civilization?
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The Maya people lived in the area of _____.
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Quetzalcoatl was a key part of which aspect of Aztec society?
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When did the Western world first hear about the amazing sprawl of Machu Picchu?
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What was one staple food in the Mayan diet?
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In the late 1400s, the Incas dominated which area?
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What was unique about the layout of Mayan cities?
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True or false, did the Incas make use of wheeled vehicles?
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The Inca people worshipped a famous ______ god.
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What sort of importance did Tenochtitlan have in Aztec culture?
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In Inca culture, their king was the son of the ______.
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The Aztec Empire is also known as the ______ Alliance.
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How did Incas crown their king, the "Sapa Inca"?
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The Incas constructed an enormous _____ that connected every part of the empire.
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In the Maya civilization, what was Tikal?
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The Incas believed that the heat from the sun’s rays caused _____.
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In Aztec culture, what were the "pipiltin"?
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How did the Inca empire economy work?
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In 1572, which country conquered the last of the Inca Empire holdouts?
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After the formation of the Aztec Triple Alliance, what did this organization do?
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The Battle of Puna was another blow against which empire?
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In the 800s, the Maya empire suffered a major collapse. Why?
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Spanish invaders were often outnumbered when dealing with established local empires. So how did the conquistadors wind up victorious?
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The Aztec Empire had many small provinces. Did it control the day-to-day affairs of those provinces?
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True or false, are the Mayan languages still spoken today?
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