Quiz: How Much do you Really Know About the New England Patriots Football Team?
How Much do you Really Know About the New England Patriots Football Team?
By: John Miller
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For some sports fans, the Patriots are a gag-inducing team that reeks of smug superiority. But that superiority is well-earned -- New England is the NFL club to beat. How much do you know about the fabulous football dynasty?

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Julian Edelman is a talented Patriots player. He's not only played wide receiver, but also _____.
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Bill Belichick is immensely important to the Patriots. What's his role?
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The team wasn't always called the New England Patriots. What was the club's original name?
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Quarterback Tom Brady played for which college team?
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How many times have the Patriots appeared in the Super Bowl?
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The Patriots play at Gillette Stadium, which has which sort of field?
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True or false, do the Patriots have the most Super Bowl wins of any team in the league?
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Rob Gronkowski is one of the most popular players for the Patriots. Which position does he play?
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Ty Law was a fabulously productive cornerback who played most of his career with the Patriots. How many career interceptions did he have?
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What is Rob Gronkowski's nickname?
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At the beginning of his career, Tom Brady was stuck at fourth-string on the depth chart. How did he become the starter?
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In which stadium do the Patriots play?
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The Patriots used to have an angry-looking guy on the side of their helmets. What was his name?
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The Patriots have a notorious rivalry with which team?
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During a terrible few seasons in the early '90s, a man named James Orthwein bought the team and planned to do what with it?
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Which man has NOT been the head coach of the Patriots?
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True or false, have the Patriots sold out every single game since moving to Gillette Stadium?
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Since joining the Patriots as head coach in 2000, how many times has Bill Belichick led the team to the Super Bowl?
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In what year did the Patriots join the NFL?
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Quarterback Tom Brady was suspended for the first four games of the 2016 season. Why?
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Adam Vinateri is a kicker who played a number of Super Bowl seasons with the Patriots. What is his nickname?
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True or false, was kicker Adam Vinateri a first-round draft pick?
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Since 2001, how many times have the Patriots NOT won the AFC East division?
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True or false, has Tom Brady won more playoff games than any other quarterback?
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The Patriots have a cheer squad known as the End Zone Militia. What does the Militia do after New England scores a touchdown?
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At the end of the 2007 season, the Patriots were undefeated and headed to the Super Bowl. Which team did they face in the big game?
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Gino Cappelletti is a famous Patriots player. Which position did he NOT play?
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