Quiz: How Much Do You Remember About '70s Pop Culture?
How Much Do You Remember About '70s Pop Culture?
By: Heather Cahill
Image: TheBeatlesVEVO

About This Quiz

It was the decade of everything groovy and fun!

The '70s brought us a lot of pop culture. From hit music to hit movies and everything in between, the decade will always be a memorable one. It had style, attitude, and fun. What is your most memorable moment from the '70s?

Do you think you know which popular band broke up? What about which movies took over the Academy Awards? Maybe you can name the boxer who took down George Foreman. The '70s made for some big moments in pop culture that have and will be remembered for years to come.

Do you know which game console was released in the '70s? What about the most popular doll at the time? Can you name the most popular sitcom of the decade? The '70s were filled with firsts, world records and big stars that made names for themselves.

When thinking of the '70s, a lot comes to mind. It was a time of change and individuality. The decade brought us happy moments and some sad moments as well. So, if you think you're truly a '70s pop culture expert, you'll have no trouble acing this. What are you waiting for? See if you get nostalgic and take this quiz!

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