Quiz: How Much Do You Remember About Life in the '70s?
How Much Do You Remember About Life in the '70s?
By: John Miller
Image: Hot Places

About This Quiz

In the ‘60s, the counterculture raged and protests of all kinds were a staple of the evening news. In the ‘70s, things got a bit quieter. The silent majority reasserted its dominance in politics and a horrific war finally fizzled to an end. And everywhere, people had fun with new visions of pop music and rock culture. What do you remember about what life was really like in the '70s?

By the time 1970 rolled around, a lot of people were tired of the chaos and tumult that started with the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. They were sick of riots, marches, and war, too. Everyone - particularly the middle class - wanted some semblance of normality, whatever that might be. What do you know about the cultural forces that shaped daily life for both inner city inhabitants and suburban dwellers in the 1970s?

Dance fads, fashion trends, and music all borrowed from the '60s. But the ‘70s put a new spin on many aspects of pop culture, particularly music. No longer were the Beatles in command of the charts – instead, funky soul music and dance tunes of all kinds dominated. Along the way, rock took new directions, too. What do you recall about hit songs and pop culture from this bell-bottomed decade?

You won’t need any tie-dye shirts or flower power knowledge for this 1970s quiz. Instead, you’ll pull on the leather boots, grow out those sideburns and do your best in this tough test of '70s lifestyle!

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