Quiz: How much do you remember about St. Elsewhere?
How much do you remember about St. Elsewhere?
By: Bambi Turner
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Before "ER" or "Grey's Anatomy," there was "St. Elsewhere," an '80s medical drama set in a struggling urban hospital. The show mixed medicine with the personal dramas of the characters and paved the way for the hospital-centered shows that top the charts today. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about this classic '80s series.

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All right, let's get this out of the way. What object shown in the series finale changed the entire dynamic of the series?
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What piece of news did Dr. Ben Samuels receive in the pilot?
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What city served as the setting for the show?
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Who was head nurse when the show premiered?
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Where did Rosenthal go in season three, allowing Lucy Papandreo to snag the head nurse job?
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Which of the doctors on the show suffered from liver cancer?
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What the heck is wrong with psychiatric patient Ralph?
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What comedian played Dr. Wayne Fiscus?
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What disease outbreak spells trouble for the hospital in season one?
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Who performs the operation on the beloved Eve Leighton?
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What was Joan Halloran's job at the hospital?
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Which doctor was diagnosed with HIV?
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Who was the hospital rapist in season two?
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What did Cathy Martin specialize in after leaving pathology?
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Who fights with the hospital over life support at the start of season three?
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Where is Dr. White shot?
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Where does Dr. Westphall announce his resignation in the season three finale?
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Who did Mrs. Hufnagel name in her will?
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What is the name of the orderly who become a physician's assistant?
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Which doctor gets shot in the park across the street from the hospital?
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Which company took over the hosital in season six?
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What unique act did Westphall use when he resigned?
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What does Dr. Craig invent in season six?
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Who falls for Axelrod's cousin Pee Wee in season six?
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Which member of the staff almost loses their job to a pill addiction?
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What kills Dr. Axelrod?
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Where does Westphall move after retiring?
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Which actor had his first major role as Dr. Philip Chandler on "St. Elsewhere"?
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Which doctor committed suicide?
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How many seasons did the show run?
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