Quiz: How much do you remember about the intense war movie Full Metal Jacket?
How much do you remember about the intense war movie Full Metal Jacket?
By: John Miller
Image: Natant Harrier Films

About This Quiz

If you are a movie buff, especially a war movie buff, you will probably remember the iconic war film, Full Metal Jacket. If this is one of your favorite movies, then this quiz is for you. Let's find out how much you remember about the movie.

Full Metal Jacket, released in the summer of 1987, and directed by Stanley Kubrick, starred Matthew Modine, Vincent D'Onofrio, and Adam Baldwin. The film was released to critical acclaim and continues to garner mostly rave reviews from viewers even though the film's $30 million budget only parlayed into just over $45 million at the box office (in North America along with an Academy Award nomination).

Full Metal Jacket is based on the book, The Short Timers, a semi-autobiographical novel by Gustav Hasford, and was based on his time as a Marine Corps combat correspondent during the Vietnam War. Like many novels that have been adapted for the big screen, readers will recognize that some parts of the novel have been changed and/or omitted for film. But, whether you read the book, then saw the movie, or saw the movie, then read the book, most people agree that both the book and the movie are worth exploring.

Let's find out how much you remember about the movie, Full Metal Jacket.

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