Quiz: How Much Do You Remember About the Life of Moses?
How Much Do You Remember About the Life of Moses?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

He's the stuff of Biblical legend, but you're going to need to part the dusty Red Sea of your mind in order to beat this quiz!

Moses' story takes up a lot of real estate in the Bible, and for good reason. He was the deliverer of the Israelites and a humble, courageous man that changed the course of history for the Hebrews. We all know Moses in the form of Charlton Heston. How can anyone actually get that out of their mind? And in all truth, why would they want to?

In this quiz, we're going to go behind the stereotypical exterior and explore the facts about Moses' life. The twists and turns of his story are so amazing that only God Himself could have led and created a life so remarkable. We find inspiration not only in Moses' intrepid nature, but also in how human he was. Moses was overwhelmed that God had given him such a large task, but in the end, he embraced what the Lord asked him to do. We can all learn from that.

So put on your cloak and sandals, because we're taking a warm, arid trip to Egypt. There, down by the Nile, where the air is more cool, we'll spot little baby Moses, hidden amidst the branches, about to take one of the most remarkable journeys in human history. And if we don't find the little baby Moses there, then we can just assume that we got carried away. Things are about to get Biblical up in here.

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