Quiz: How much do you remember about the movie The Fugitive?
How much do you remember about the movie The Fugitive?
By: John Miller
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In "The Fugitive," a handsome doctor goes on the lam in an attempt to heal his broken heart and restore his good name. How much do you remember about this blockbuster film?

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1993's "The Fugitive" is what sort of movie?
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Who is the tousle-haired star of "The Fugtive"?
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Harrison Ford is Dr. Richard Kimble. What sort of doctor is he?
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Richard returns home one day to discover what tragic event?
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After his wife's murder, Richard is wrongfully convicted of which crime?
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What is Richard's sentence for first-degree murder?
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Richard pretends to be a janitor so that he can break into a hospital to do what?
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Tommy Lee Jones has a major role in this film. What occupation does he have?
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In one scene, Gerard nearly catches Kimble, who says that he's innocent. How does Gerard respond?
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During the face-to-face encounter with Gerard, what mistake does Kimble make that convinces Gerard that he has the right man?
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When Kimble returns to Chicago, he contacts many of his former friends. How do they respond to him?
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Upon his return to Chicago, Richard contacts a friend named Dr. Charles Nichols. How does Nichols help Richard?
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Kimble's detective work leads him to break into the home of a man named Frank Sykes. Sykes is a former ______.
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Sykes is a former police officer who now works as a security guard in which industry?
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Gerard tracks down another prisoner who escaped the crashed prison bus. What does he do to him?
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Gerard figures out that Kimble is back in Chicago. How?
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Gerard interviews one of Richard's associates, Dr. Nichols. What does Dr. Nichols have to say about Gerard's pursuit of the fugitive?
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Richard knows that the drug company wants him dead. So why did they kill his wife Helen?
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As he continues his search, Richard realizes that his friend Dr. Nichols is actually ______.
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Richard finds Frank Sykes on a train and confronts him. A local police officer intervenes, and then what happens?
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Richard makes his way to a hotel conference room, where he finds Dr. Nichols doing what?
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Nichols calms down Richard and ushers him into a side room. Then what happens?
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Nichols and Richard continue fighting. Where does their conflict wind up?
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During the fight, Nichols grabs a gun and points it at Gerard, who has arrived on the scene. Who saves Gerard?
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