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"GET TO STEPPIN'" and take this quiz! In the world of television, the TV series, "Martin," might be one of the most popular, especially among Black audiences. A comedic loudmouth with a bit of a Napoleon complex, the character and TV series shot to fame during the mid-1990s. How well do you remember the TV series?

While the '80s sitcom heavily focused on the family dynamic, network viewers watched as the '90s moved towards a more friendly dynamic. Before there was "Living Single" and "Friends," there was "Martin," a sitcom that focused on a man, his girlfriend, and their friends. 

The show premiered in 1992 on FOX and would go on to become one of the network's highest-rated shows during that time. "Martin" starred stand-up comic, Martin Lawrence, in addition to Tisha Campbell, Carl Anthony Payne II, Thomas Mikal Ford, and Tichina Arnold. 

Although the show was recognized for its comic relief from its leading cast, Martin Lawrence received the ultimate praise for his appearance as multiple characters in the show. From his own mother, "Mama" Payne, to a karate expert, Dragonfly Jones, to his obnoxious neighbor, Sheneneh Jenkins, "Martin" had a host of characters that made the sitcom a gem of the 1990s. 

The show released five seasons of content. How much do you remember it? Can you remember what Sheneneh did for a living? What was the name of Martin's talk show? Which singer helped Martin propose to Gina? If you can answer these questions, you're ready for this quiz!

As Martin or Gina would say," You go, girl/boy!"

What is the name of Martin's long-suffering girlfriend?

Actress Tisha Campbell played Martin's girlfriend and eventual wife, Gina Waters. Off-screen, Campbell sued Martin Lawrence for sexual harassment and only agreed to return to the show if she never had to come in contact with Lawrence. This left writers and producers scrambling to shoot a show where Martin and Gina were a married couple, but could never share a scene.


Where is the show set?

Martin Payne is a radio DJ in Detroit. As the series progresses, he switches to television, hosting a talk show called "Word on the Street."


What is Pam's favorite insult when fighting with Martin?

Martin may love Gina, but he hates her best friend, Pam, played by Tichina Arnold. When Pam and Martin get into one of their frequent fights, Pam usually settles things by mocking Martin's height.


Who lives on the fifth floor of Martin's building?

Brother Man uses the fire escape to travel from his 5th-floor apartment into Martin's place whenever he can -- often borrowing clothes, food and other items as needed.


Which comedian played Hustle Man on "Martin"?

Looking to buy roast pigeon or slightly-used wedding decorations at a special discount rate? Seek out Hustle Man -- played by Tracy Morgan -- who typically greets Martin with his trademark "What's happening, Chief?"


What sassy, trashy female character was played by Martin Lawrence in drag?

Lawrence dressed up to play many bit parts in the series, but perhaps none are quite as memorable as the loud-mouthed Sheneneh Jenkins. The character is so unforgettable that she inspired the Nae Nae dance in 2013 -- years after "Martin" went off the air.


Where does Cole work?

The simple-minded Cole Brown lives at home with his mom and works at the airport cleaning planes. Throughout the series, fans are left to wonder exactly what Martin's other best friend, Tommy, does for a living.


Who is Martin's boss at the radio station?

The ultra-frugal Stan Winters -- known for his very out-of-date wardrobe -- serves as owner and manager at radio station WZUP.


What's Martin's favorite place to grab a drink?

Martin and the gang spend their free time chilling out at Nipsey's Lounge, where actor Sean Lampkin plays the owner/bartender.


What is Ms. Geri's favorite weapon?

She may look like a sweet old lady, but Ms. Geri always has a bag of nickels ready to swing at Martin. Once she gives him a good beat down, she might even take his money for good measure.


Why does Stan have to sell the radio station at the end of season two?

After failing to pay his taxes for 20 years, Stan is forced to sell WZUP. The new owners switch to a country and western format, which is not exactly Martin's style. He tries his best to adapt, but eventually parts ways with the station at the end of season two.


Where does Gina find Martin in the season three premiere, after he has left Detroit?

Gina is desperate to track Martin down after he loses his job and leaves Detroit. She eventually finds him in a cult -- which he joined under the name Shaquille Sunflower.


Who plays the much-feared convict, Mad Dog No Good?

In the season three episode, "High Noon," Martin's friends abandon him after word gets out that feared convict Mad Dog No Good is after him. Turns out the terrifying convict, who calls Martin's show to threaten him on the air is played by none other than Gary Coleman, of "Diff'rent Strokes" fame.


Where did Martin and Gina tie the knot?

Martin and Gina finally get married in the Bahamas, with Kenny "Babyface" Edmunds performing at the ceremony.


How does Ol' Otis make a living?

Ol' Otis is another of the many characters played by Martin Lawrence. The very angry old security guard isn't afraid to tussle with the younger generation, despite his massive pot belly and advancing age.


Who is Martin's youngest alter-ego?

Martin dresses as the young, runny-nosed Roscoe by kneeling down and wearing shoes over his kneecaps. Gina and Roscoe are not necessarily the best of friends.


True or false: Dragonfly Jones wins every fight he enters.

One of Martin's characters is a martial-arts "expert" named Dragonfly Jones, who frequently ends up getting beaten up -- especially when he comes into contact with fellow fighter Kenji.


Who did Martin and Gina finally choose as their housekeeper in season four?

While Martin and Gina both agree that they need help keeping the house clean, they can't come to an agreement over who to hire. After much debate, they hire sweet Miss Minnie -- played by Marla Gibbs of "The Jeffersons." Turns out that sweet Miss Minnie hadn't changed her ways since her days of working for George and Louise Jefferson.


Who gets their head stuck in a headboard in season four?

Gina gets her head stuck in a brass bed headboard just before a big work meeting. While Tommy is able to cut most of the frame off, Gina is forced to wear a wig and shawl to disguise the remainder of the metal during her meeting.


What item causes Martin and Tommy to end their friendship in the season four finale?

After a friendship-ending feud over a suitcase, Martin is horrified when Tommy is in a bad car accident in the season four finale.


Who goes on a dating show in season four?

In "The Love Jones Connection," Sheneneh makes an appearance on a "Love Connection"-style show, where she ends up with a very reluctant date -- played by Chris Rock.


Who misses the boat when the group goes on a cruise in season five?

When the gang plans a big cruise in season five, Gina misses the boat and Martin is forced to vacation without her. While on board, Martin befriends a suicidal woman named Ellen, who eventually decides that Martin may be worth living for.


Why does Sheneneh take Tommy to court in season five?

After the pair are involved in a car accident, Sheneneh sues Tommy, who chooses to represent himself in court. What he doesn't know is that Sheneneh is represented by the powerful attorney Ronnie Cochran.


Who does Cole finally settle down with in season five?

After dating the very large Big Shirley, Cole finally settles down with dim-witted Shanise McGullicuddy and moves out of his mom's house in the final season of the show.


Where does Pam land a job in season five?

After getting fired, Pam gets a job with Keep It Real Records and discovers a hot new music star -- played by Tyrese Gibson.


Which cast member has a crazy twin cousin?

In a modern-day crazy twist on the identical cousins gag from "The Patty Duke Show," Pam's identical cousin Tammy appears in season five of "Martin." After escaping from a mental institution, Tammy manages to switch places with Pam and Pam ends up confined to the hospital instead.


What is the name of Martin's mom?

Martin Lawrence dressed in drag to play his mom, Edna "Mama" Payne. One of the most memorable things about the character was her mustache, which was rather impressive for an elderly woman.


Who was once named Detroit's Player of the Year?

Yet another of Lawrence's roles on the show was as Jerome, an aging pimp with a gold tooth who used to be the Player of the Year.


Where did Martin and Gina move to, in the series finale?

Martin moves to California in season five after learning that his TV talk show will be broadcast to a national audience. Fortunately, Gina gets a job on the west coast so she can move out to Los Angeles with her hubby.


How many seasons did the show run?

"Martin" ran for 132 episodes over five seasons from 1992 to 1997. The show ended as Martin Lawrence was having some well-publicized personal drama, including a brawl at a nightclub and issues with drugs and mental illness.


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