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If you "know nothing," then this is not the quiz for you. But if you remember who said those words... frequently... then take this quiz to prove you are one of Hogan's Heroes.

Hogan's Heroes starred Bob Crane and Werner Klemperer as the "warring" leaders of their respective sides. Crane played, Colonel Robert E. Hogan, a U.S. Army Colonel and ranking POW officer in the camp, and Klemperer played the bumbling Colonel Wilhelm Klink, the camp commandant. Klink was supported by Sergeant Hans Georg Schultz, whose favorite words were "I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing." As Klink loved to brag, "no prisoner has ever escaped from Stalag 13." In fact, prisoners often broke into the camp... much to the consternation of Schultz. 

Hogan's Heroes were representative of the World War II combatants, i.e., they were French, American, and British, with the most notable being Richard Dawson, a British actor who went on to host the Family Feud game show. The show first aired in September 1965 and ran for six seasons and 168 episodes, ending in March 1971.

If you loved how Hogan and his Heroes socked it to the Germans week after week, take this quiz to find out how much of the show you actually remember.

German guard Sgt. Schultz famously repeats which line?

Sgt. Schultz is famously incompetent and refuses to accept responsibility for anything. He's constantly saying, "I know nothing," which, come to think of it, is what many Nazis did in real life, too.


What's the name of the famous prison camp?

The name of the prison camp is Luft Stalag 13. It's there that the P.O.W.s seemingly have more power than the actual prison guards.


The show is set during which major world event?

"Hogan's Heroes" is set during World War II. Most of the episodes revolve around life in a Nazi P.O.W. camp.


Actor Bob Crane plays the part of which character?

Bob Crane plays the biggest role in the show, that of Col. Robert E. Hogan. He's the leader of the Allied inmates, and he has major influence on the Nazis, too.


What's the "cooler"?

The "cooler" is the nickname for solitary confinement. The Germans frequently escort prisoners to the cooler in hopes of making them more cooperative … a tactic that never seems to work in "Hogan's Heroes."


The Allied P.O.W.s interact with multiple resistance groups that they call ______.

Col. Hogan and his cohorts frequently work with the Underground, a group of resistance fighters who are working against the Nazis. The Underground is referenced during numerous episodes.


Staff Sgt. James Kinchloe is Hogan's' right-hand man. Everyone calls him ____.

Kinchloe is Hogan's tech expert, constantly fiddling with communications gear. Everyone calls him "Kinch."


The Germans host many important Nazi meetings at the prison camp?

Because it's a P.O.W. camp, the Nazis know the Allies won't bomb the area … which makes it a perfect place to hold important Nazi meetings. But because there are also so many spy operations occurring in the camp, the Allies are often able to sabotage German plans.


How do the prisoners hide the entrances to their secret tunnels?

The men use elaborate trapdoors (like a fake tree stump) to conceal the entrances to their tunnels. The inept Nazi can't (or don't want to) find the tunnel system even after many episodes.


The prisoners are easily able to go from building to building throughout the camp. How?

The prisoners can go anywhere they want in the camp thanks to a system of underground tunnels. The extensive tunnel system somehow goes unnoticed by the Nazis for years.


Technical Sgt. Andrew Carter is in charge of ______.

Technical Sgt. Andrew Carter is always in charge of bomb making or any other processes that involve big booms. He's an excellent chemist whose expertise comes in very handy during many episodes.


What is unique about Kinchloe?

Kinchloe was played by actor Ivan Dixon, who is black. "Hogan's Heroes" was one of the first hit TV series to feature a black actor as one of its biggest characters.


Klink and Schultz are mostly worried about _____.

Klink and Schultz couldn't care less about the prison. They do everything they can to avoid making waves -- because they don’t want to be transferred to the brutally bloody Eastern Front.


Who is Col. Wilhelm Klink?

Col. Wilhelm Klink is the doofus commander of the prison camp. He's no vicious Nazi nightmare. He's just a bureaucrat who has no idea what he's doing.


How do Hogan and his men eavesdrop on conversations that happen in Klink's office?

Hogan and his men install a secret microphone in Klink's office. The microphone lets them hear every detail of Nazi conversations so that they can disrupt German plans.


How does Col. Hogan treat the incompetent Klink and Schultz?

As an Allied leader in the camp, Hogan does what he can to make Klink and Schultz look like ideal Nazis. Why? Because he doesn't want them to be replaced by smarter and more capable soldiers who would make it harder for him to run his spy operations.


Klink is the commander of the P.O.W. camp. How many prisoners have officially escaped under his command?

Klink has -- at least on paper -- a perfect record, meaning that no prisoners have ever escaped his camp. But that record is an illusion that Hogan and his men help to perpetuate … for the benefit of everyone involved.


The tunnel system is an important plot point for many episodes. But how do the inmates in the tunnels know what's happening outside the tunnels?

The inmates use (often goofy) periscopes to see what's happening outside the tunnels. The periscopes (such as one made to look like a sink faucet) are perfect for spying on the Germans at every moment.


Col. Klink always wears which item?

Col. Klink is never without the signature monocle over his left eye. And of course, he loves to smack his riding crop against his palms in an expression of frustration.


Cpl. Louis LeBeau is another Allied prisoner. He's from which country?

Cpl. Louis LeBeau is an inmate who hails from France. He's not terribly fond of the other prisoners but he does enjoy petting the Nazi guard dogs, which aren't as viscous as they probably should be.


How badly do the inmates of Luft Stalag 13 want to leave the prison?

The prisoners of the camp don't want to leave. Contrary to normal behavior, many of them do everything they can to stay in the prison for as long as possible.


Sgt. Richard Baker doesn't appear until late in the series. He replaces which character?

Ivan Dixon (who plays Kinch) left the series near the end of its run. So Sgt. Richard Baker steps in to replace him. He, too, is black, which means that he can't take part in any real missions outside of the prison.


The P.O.W. camp is actually _____.

Luft Stalag 13 nothing like real Nazi camps. This one is a farce -- so incompetently operated that the Allies are running espionage operations right under the noses of the Germans. It's no wonder that none of the prisoners are interested in escaping.


Which character is continually carrying on romantic relationships during the series?

It's Hogan, of course, who is not only the leader of the Allied spy ring but also the lady's man. He even develops relationships with Col. Klink's secretaries.


In numerous episodes, Col. Wilhelm Klink demonstrates that he is terrible at playing which instrument?

Col. Wilhelm Klink continually tries his hand at the violin. But the ear-rending notes show that he has no musical talent.


"Hogan's Heroes" is what sort of TV show?

"Hogan's Heroes" is a sitcom known for it's goofy style of comedy. It's still one of the best-known sitcoms from the late 1960s.


Bob Crane played the part of the famous Robert Hogan, and his life ended in a very weird (and famous) way. What happened to him?

Crane was murdered in 1978, bludgeoned to death in his own home. The police had strong suspicions ... but no one was ever convicted of the murder of the "Hogan's Heroes" star.


Louis LeBeau suffers from which phobia?

Due to his claustrophobia, LeBeau is terribly frighted of small enclosed spaces, like the tunnels that weave their way underneath the camp. But he pushes through his fears to assist the Allied Underground.


Kinch sometimes takes control of the prison's radio and impersonates which person?

Kinch and company have the ability to seize control of the prison's radio to send out public broadcasts. Sometimes, Kinch will even impersonate Adolf Hitler, to hilarious effect.


What do Col. Klink and Sgt. Schultz call LeBeau?

Klink and Shultz especially dislike LeBeau. In many episodes they refer to him as "the cockroach." In return. LeBeau refers to the Nazis as "pigs."


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