How Prepared Are You for Nuclear War?

Zoe Samuel

Do you have water in the house?

How much canned food is in the house?

Do you have a paper map in your house?

Do you know the way out of the city?

If it's not safe to leave, what should you do first in your house?

What should you do second?

Do you have iodine tablets handy?

How about batteries?

Do you have a go-bag?

Are you a decent swimmer?

If you think you got radiation on you, what do you do about that?

Have you got any first aid qualifications?

Do you own a good sturdy pair of boots?

Do you have an idea of which cities would go first?

Do you have space blankets handy?

Do you know anything about farming?

How about maintaining a horse's health?

Do you know anything about the Constitution, for rebuilding a civilized society?

How are you with guns?

Do you have a hand-wound ham radio?

Do you have a satellite phone?

Do you have citizenship in any other country?

Do you have copies of your important documents?

Would you be prepared to leave your home forever and never come back, if you had to?

Are you naturally very trusting?

Do you have a meeting place with your family, in case you can't get home?

Do you know where the nearest fallout shelter is?

Do you have your own bunker?

Do you have an arsenal of guns?

Do you know how to fly a plane or helicopter?

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About This Quiz

One of the worst things that any one of us could possibly imagine is a nuclear war. Of course, we don't even like to think about anything like that occurring, but sometimes it pays to be prepared. If something as awful as a nuclear war happened, would you be ready for it?

Some people think that it is a waste of time to try and survive something like a nuclear war. I mean, let's face it - if something like that went down, would you want to be around afterward? But a lot of people are more than prepared and have all sorts of things ready. You are going to need food on hand, the type that won't spoil, like canned goods and rice, as well as water. And a communication device is a must. You are going to need some sort of shelter. The most prepared of all us even have a fallout shelter in their backyard, while others might at least know where they are going to go in the event of a disaster. You also probably want to have some tools on hand and some medical supplies. 

Or you know, you could just hope for the best. Take this quiz to find out how prepped you are.

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