How Psychologically Mature Are You?

Jennifer Post

How would you respond in a situation where you and your friend are up for the same promotion, and your friend gets it?

What bothers you the most about other people?

Can you think back to a time when everything felt like it was going wrong?

Is there a certain thing that makes you get along with people?

What is one thing you feel like you can teach others?

Why do you admire the people you do?

Is there one act in your life that you're really proud of?

When you think about working with other people, what kind of people do you want to work with?

Do you feel like you need to control situations?

Would you say you are a compassionate person?

Are you able to set boundaries in life?

If you've done something wrong, can you take responsibility for it?

How well do you express your emotions?

While you're working on expressing your feelings, do you at least let yourself feel your feelings?

How do you determine if a feeling or reaction is appropriate?

Thinking about your life, would you say it's balanced?

Do you have violent tendencies?

Love is patient, love is kind. But is it easy for you to find?

Do you ever hurt people, emotionally, on purpose?

Before you act, do you think of the consequences of your actions?

Do you tend to look at things as black and white, all or nothing?

If someone is hurt by something you've done or said, how do you feel about that?

Would you rather do what you feel or do what would make people happy?

Are you an attention seeker?

How do you respond to people offering you advice?

Have you ever manipulated something to get what you want?

Do you perceive the human race as innately good or evil?

Has anyone ever used the word "detached" to describe you?

Motivation really should come from within, but would you say you are good at motivating others?

Do you think you need to adapt to society in order to be an effective human being?

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About This Quiz

Being able to respond to situations and act appropriately is a huge part of psychological maturity. Additionally, being able to take in other people's feelings and reactions and, again, act, respond and react appropriately is another factor. Psychological maturity is rated on a scale, but the scale can vary based on what is being studied. Some studies take a look at how schooling impacts people's psychological maturity. Some try to determine purely situational maturity, while others focus on emotional psychological maturity.

Emotions are big and could possibly be the foundation for all measures of maturity. This is because some people are taught that it's okay to show emotions and feel things freely, while others are taught to repress feelings and that only certain people need to hear about them. The variety in teachings will show up in almost every aspect of life. 

Everyone needs to go through periods of immaturity, and you can even go through that phase while otherwise very mature. Psychological maturity is not linear, but rather it is determined by what is going on in your life. Just get fired? You might not respond to other people's emotions and downturns well because you are going through your own. But people who are more evolved might know how to separate the two and still be able to be there for other people. 

So, want to know how psychologically mature you are? Take this quiz to find out!

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