How Rory Gilmore Are You?

Zoe Samuel

Are you eager to please?

Do you get on with your mother?

How academic are you?

At what age did you first kiss a boy?

Have you ever cheated on someone?

Do you have a BFF?

Have you ever had a frenemy?

Did you always know what you wanted to be when you grew up?

Did you always get on with most grownups when you were a kid?

Can you eat twice your body weight in pizza and not gain an ounce?

Excluding journalism, what is your dream job?

Did you have a cotillion?

How is your relationship with your dad?

Do you speak your mind?

Do people underestimate you?

Do you ever get sick of being a good girl?

How good a driver are you?

Do you know how to dance?

Do you like most pop music?

Were you cool at school?

Would you have ever gone to a snobby private school?

Do you feel weird about asking for help?

How important is making a lot of money?

Are you close with your grandparents?

Who is your role model?

Which is more important: street smarts or book smarts?

How do you feel about small town living?

Would you ever live at home during college?

How much do you want to travel the world?

Do you get on with your neighbors?

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Image: Warner Bros.

About This Quiz

"Gilmore Girls" was a show that began on the WB network and soon became its flagship success. A lot of the appeal of it was that it depicted the complicated but always loving relationship between a mother and her teenage daughter. Women like Lorelai Gilmore are still vanishingly rare on our screens; that is, a woman who gets pregnant as a teen (a huge mistake by the standards of her society) and instead of being painted as a Jezebel or a write-off by the narrative, still gets to dictate the terms of her future and her life.

Women like her daughter Rory are equally rare. Rory is immensely complex; she's brilliant and studies hard, but she's also gentle and wants to please others. She has a lot of boyfriends throughout the show, and this is refreshingly depicted as a perfectly normal part of growing up. Rory also frets over academics and gets into petty squabbles, while never losing sight of her ultimate dream. She's authentic, three-dimensional and flawed.

While today TV has improved somewhat in the scope of the kinds of women who get to appear on it, Rory Gilmore still stands as an earlier inspirational figure, and part of a tipping point toward the better landscape we see now. That's why she's such a role model, and so many of us aspire to be like her. Of course, she's not the only model of successful womanhood, as the show itself points out in the form of Emily, Lorelai, Sookie and others, and not everyone has to be just like her. However, she's a pretty darn great example. Let's find out how similar you are!

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