Quiz: How Well Do You Know 20th Century American History?
How Well Do You Know 20th Century American History?
By: Heather Cahill
Image: rauskels2260

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America went through a lot during the 20th century, from devastation to innovation and everything in between. The history of the country during this time will forever be remembered for what the U.S. has become today. What moment of American history is most memorable for you?

Do you know which illness devastated the American people in the 20th century? What about the country that bombed Pearl Harbor causing America to enter World War II? Can you name the members of the Barrow Gang? The country saw its share of bad during this time but always managed to prosper through it.

Do you know what city the Children's March was held in? How about the revolutionary accomplishment of the Wright Brothers? Do you know about the most important court trials of the century? Do you have knowledge of America's involvement in the space race? The 20th Century was a time of civil rights, bravery, and the accomplishment of the American people.

The history of America during the last century was important to not only the country but the world as well. America adapted and evolved, and encouraged other countries to do the same. So if you think you remember this fascinating time period of American history, take the quiz to see your score!

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