Quiz: How Well Do You Know 20th Century History?
How Well Do You Know 20th Century History?
By: John Miller
Image: Nik TheSaint

About This Quiz

The 20th century was a defining period in the history of humankind. Amazing technologies, like spaceflight, the Internet, and nuclear power all became commonplace during this century. But it was also the most murderous era ever, with millions of people perishing under the bombs and bullets of industrialized warfare. We jumped into the computer age, but the century began with the Model T. What do you really know about the 20th century?

Famous presidents and prime ministers wielded immense power from 1900 to 2000. Can you name any of those ambitious politicians? They used their spheres of influence to avert some disasters, and in other cases, they dove headlong into the maelstrom of World War. In our quiz, we’ll see if you really know the power players of this crucial century.

This 100-year span includes major shifts in culture and economics, but do you understand the interplay of those elements? After all, a booming economy causes countries to roar … while crashes caused depressions on a worldwide scale. Do you recall the booms and busts of this era?

Humans created some of their biggest engineering achievements in this century. They failed spectacularly, too. Take our 20th-century history quiz now and see if you know your Hitlers from your Hindenbergs!

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