Quiz: How Well Do You Know '70s Sports Cars?
How Well Do You Know '70s Sports Cars?
By: Torrance Grey
Image: Saabkyle04

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Are you old enough to remember the 1970s? If so, your car-related memories are probably about long lines for gas -- or even stations running out entirely -- and the rise of economy cars, many of them imported from Japan. But the 1970s weren't all about the Honda Accord or the Toyota Camry. Just like some people today are recession-proof, some drivers back then were oil crisis-proof, and it was for them that the great sports cars of the 1970s were made. 

The great sports cars of the 1970s were a varied lot. Some were made in Europe, as you'd expect -- Porsche kept up its strong 911 line, and produced the 914 through 1976. Italy had just introduced the world to the "supercar" concept, and was busy producing ever-faster models in the "Italian wedge" style. Japan, then dominating the economy-car market, entered the field too, with a jazzy little two-seater you'll still see on the roads now and again today. (We can't tell you the name, as it's a question in the quiz). In America, meanwhile, some of the fastest, most desirable cars came from the popular sport of NASCAR -- production versions of the cars America's racing heroes, like Richard Petty, drove. 

Want to take a nostalgic ride back through the 1970s? Get started now with our quiz! 

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