Quiz: How well do you know 80s cult classic Labyrinth?
How well do you know 80s cult classic Labyrinth?
By: Abi Luftig
Image: The Movie DB

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With danger around every corner and riddles muddling the path, "Labyrinth" was a tale of angst and adventure. Starring David Bowie as the Goblin King and Jennifer Connelly as teenager Sarah, this story turns reality on its head. As Sarah brazenly headed through the labyrinth to save her baby brother Toby, she encounters riddle-speaking fantasy creatures that teach her how the real world will feel as she becomes an adult. 

This coming-of-age story featured the fantastical works of several artists. As David Bowie's musical talents elevated the movie, Jim Henson's impressive puppetry skills created new dimensions of storytelling. The costuming of the show is just as impactful, dressing Bowie in his iconic spandex pants and Sarah in her romantic blouse. With dramatic costume changes indicating the degrees of reality, the costumes remind audiences of pirates and adventurers.

The Labyrinth is truly a tale that sticks in the heart. The film is a great illustration of the labor of love from the some of the unique minds of the past century. Our detailed quiz will test your knowledge of the "Labyrinth" as Sarah was tested, and only those with the "Labyrinth" in their hearts will pass the tests. See how well you remember the riddles and traps of the "Labyrinth!" 

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