Quiz: How Well Do You Know American Automaker Flops and Failures?
How Well Do You Know American Automaker Flops and Failures?
By: Maria Trimarchi
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Can you identify each of these vehicle flops? Prove it!

Hey, remember the Ford Pinto? Let us refresh your memory. Originally an exciting subcompact car that was manufactured with the economy car buyer in mind, the Ford Pinto turned out to be one of Ford's biggest mistakes. Introduced in 1971, by 1977 the Pinto was found to present a danger of... well... exploding. The car was manufactured with the gas tank placed so far back on the car that even a small rear-end collision could result in a fire. When the ugliness of the fiasco was completely uncovered, it was discovered that Ford knew that the gas tank placement was dangerous, but because the design would be too expensive to fix, they went ahead with the car as is. Ultimately, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration forced a recall of all affected vehicles, and Ford implemented modifications and paid out significant damages in response to more than 100 lawsuits.

Another memorable, if less impactful, flop on the part of Ford was the Edsel, a sedan named after Edsel Ford, the son of Henry Ford, the company's founder. Long story short, the vehicle was considered unattractive to buyers and the company lost a whopping quarter of a million dollars on development.

Think you know all of Ford's and other American automakers' flops and failures? Prove it!

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