Quiz: How Well Do You Know American Rules of the Road?
How Well Do You Know American Rules of the Road?
By: Dyann Joyce
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Are you up-to-date on your traffic rules? Take this HowStuffWorks 'rules of the road' quiz to find out if you know as much as you think you do.

We all know that Americans drive on the right, and the Brits drive on the left, but did you know that it is illegal to drive while blindfolded in Alabama, that it's illegal to tie your dog to your roof rack in Alaska, that it's illegal to transport a gorilla in Massachusetts, and that it's illegal to read a comic book while driving in Oklahoma? Ok, we get the reason for most of these, but why the hate for gorillas?

Now, we aren't going to ask you any of these questions on this quiz, but they might come in handy on your next family road trip. What we're more interested in for the sake of this quiz is how well you know some of the road rule basics. For instance, what to do when you encounter a school bus on the road (turn around and go the other way; that stuff is way too confusing), what is the overall policy on hitchhiking in the United States (really? you haven't watched horror movies?) and what to do if your turn signal isn't working (meh, most people don't use them anyway, right?).

Anyway, if you think you know the answer to these - and more - questions about American rules of the road, take this quiz!

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When driving on a county road, there is often a yellow line or twin yellow lines in the center. Sometimes they are solid lines, sometimes they are broken lines. What do these lines mean?
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If the indicator lights fail on your car, what can you use instead?
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It is the law in the U.S. to use your turn signal when making a turn. If the turn signals on your car are broken, how would you indicate a turn?
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Besides helping everyone see in the dark, headlights can be used to signal other drivers. If you are at an intersection with another car and they flash their lights, what does that mean?
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New laws require truckers to have electronic devices to keep track of their time. What did they do before that to keep track?
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When driving on the interstate, it is often tempting to draft a semi truck (draft means following too close, also called tailgating) to better your gas mileage. What could happen if the police saw you driving too close to a truck?
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When you're at an intersection and your light is red, can you make any turns?
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What is the mandatory color order, top to bottom (or left to right) on traffic lights?
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What can happen to you if you pass a school bus with flashing red lights?
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What can you do if you are in a turn lane that says "right lane must turn right," but you need to turn left?
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If you go out with your friends on Friday night and have 3 or 4 drinks in about 4 or 5 hours, is it legal for you to drive home if you are feeling okay?
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What is another name for "intermittent explosive disorder" when driving?
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If you are driving on a highway and have your regular low beams on, then a car coming from the other direction flashes their lights, what does it mean?
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What is prohibited from use in some places at certain times, but can be a useful tool for avoiding accidents?
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As of 2016, what was the average cost for a traffic citation?
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In most states, if you are driving on a two-lane county road in a rural area and there is no posted speed limit, what is the speed limit?
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Is a seat belt violation a primary or secondary offense?
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As of 2016, what percentage of face-to-face encounters between individuals and officers involved a traffic violation?
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If a school bus has flashing red lights, how long must you stay stopped?
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For motorcycles, what is the suggested rule for following another vehicle?
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