Quiz: How Well Do You Know "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"?
How Well Do You Know "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"?
By: Heather Cahill
Image: Fox

About This Quiz

The streets of New York are safe under the watch of the 99th Precinct! The show includes a talented cast and interesting and comedic storylines that always keep fans coming back for more. Did you know that "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is so popular that after word of the show's cancellation, another network picked it up?

Do you know where Jake and Raymond were relocated after taking part in the Witness Protection Program? Do you know which special occasion is always celebrated on each season of the show? Can you name the infamous Pontiac Bandit? No question is off-limits here for the ultimate "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" fan!

Do you what rank Amy gets promoted to? Do you know which character disappeared after their appearance on the pilot episode? Can you name the two members of the squad who had their parents get married to each other? Do you know who the jokester of the squad is? Make sure you know your stuff about the characters and their stories to ace this quiz!

The show has proved its popularity through ratings and awards as well as its millions of fans. So, do you think you have what it takes to prove you're the ultimate "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" fan? Take the quiz to test your knowledge!

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