How Well Do You Know Catholic Hymnals?


Do Gregorian chants appear in hymnals?

Gregorian chant Masses absolutely appear in hymnals. Many of them can be found in "The Adoremus Hymnal."

Which hymns venerate Mary?

Marian hymns are hymns that venerate the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mariology is very important in the Roman Catholic religion.

True or False: To sing in church, you're required to have a good voice.

The great thing about Catholic hymns is that you can sing loud and proud! There's no need to have a good voice before God.

"All Are Welcome" is a hymn of _____.

"All Are Welcome" is a favorite hymn for many people. It's all about loving thy neighbor, no matter how different they may be.

"All Is Well With My Soul" is about what?

"All Is Well With My Soul" is a beautiful reminder that we are human, and that God forgives us for our sins. We are truly in good hands.

Which of these is one of the most famous hymns of all time?

You don't have to be a Catholic to know "Amazing Grace." The sweet sound of that hymn has filled many ears.

Which of these hymns honors the Virgin Mary?

"Ave Maria" is another famous hymn that fills our souls with light. It honors the Virgin Mary, a role model for all women.

"Be Not Afraid" is about what?

"Be Not Afraid" is a beautiful reminder that we are all safe. God is with us through thick and thin.

"Blest Are They" is about what?

"Blest Are They" teaches us how to live out the Beatitudes. The Beatitudes are the eight blessings recounted by Jesus in a famous sermon.

Which traditional hymnal was first published in 1997?

"The Adoremus Hymnal" was first published in 1997. “Such music must obey a stricter law than the commonplace music of everyday life: such music is beholden to the Word and must lead to the Spirit,” said Cardinal Ratzinger at the time. He would later become known as Pope Benedict.

What is a canticle?

A canticle can be described as all of these things. "Canticle of the Sun" is a famous hymn that is a tribute to God's Creation.

"Center of My Life" is about _____.

"Center of My Life" is a wonderful hymn that reminds us that He is truly the center of our lives. This is important in our materialistic world.

"Change Our Hearts" reminds us of what?

"Change Our Hearts" is a beautiful reminder that God can forgive anyone. The key is to give your heart to Him.

Complete the title: "Christ Be Our _____."

"Christ Be Our Light" is a beautiful hymn that reminds us that Christ lights the way. This is true, even in our darkest days.

Complete the title: "City of _____ ."

Do you like singing "City of God"" You should! As Christians, we're all striving to build God's kingdom.

What is considered the most complete hymnal ever released?

"The Vatican II Hymnal" is considered the most complete hymnal to ever appear. It has 131 hymns in total.

When we fail, God is _____.

When we fail, God is truly waiting for us with open arms. This is beautifully expressed by "Come Back to Me."

Complete the title: "Companions on the _______."

There's nothing quite like "Companions on the Journey." This reminds us that we're not alone in our journey to spread the Good Word.

"Eye Has Not Seen" is about _____.

"Eye Has Not Seen" is a beautiful reminder of what awaits us in Heaven. There's so much joy and happiness to come!

Complete the title: "____ Like a Bird."

"Fly Like a Bird" is another great reminder that we're always in God's care. He is with us all the time.

"For the Beauty of the Earth" is all about what?

"For the Beauty of the Earth" is a song about how wondrous Creation truly is. God's world is truly a beautiful one.

"Glory and Praise to Our God" deals with what quality?

"Glory and Praise to Our God" is all about gratitude. He showers us with blessings each and every day.

"Go Out, Go Out" is about what?

"Go Out, Go Out" is a fun little hymn that reminds us to spread the Word. The hymn seriously pumps you up.

"Here I Am, Lord" is about _______.

"Here I Am, Lord" encourages us to use the talents that we have to serve the Lord. It's a song of encouragement and service.

Complete the title: "How Can I Keep From ______?"

"How Can I Keep From Singing" reminds us that the Lord deserves all our praise. Why not sing about it?

Which hymn reminds us that God is everywhere?

"How Great Thou Art" is a beautiful reminder that God can be found in everything and everyone. It's a hymn of inspiration.

Complete the title: "I Am the _____ of Life."

"I Am the Bread of Life" reminds us that we must live our lives in Christ. Only then can we reunite with Him when death comes.

Complete the title: "I Know That My ______ Lives."

"I Know That My Redeemer Lives" reminds us that Jesus is alive. By His death, He has redeemed us.

Complete the title: "I Will Choose ______."

Have you sung "I Will Choose Christ"? It inspires us to recommit to Him every day.

Complete the title: "In Every _______."

"In Every Age" is a beautiful hymn that speaks of the timelessness of God. He will always be there for us.

"Jesus Christ Is Risen Today" is what sort of song?

"Jesus Christ Is Risen Today" is an Easter song. It celebrates the Resurrection of Christ.

Complete the title: "______ Me, Lord."

If we seek God, He will lead us. This is beautifully expressed in "Lead Me, Lord."

Complete the title: "Let There Be _____ On Earth."

"Let There Be Peace On Earth" is more important than ever! The hymn is a great reminder to act for justice and peace.

Complete the hymn title: "Like a ______."

Okay, it's "Like a Shepherd." But admit it, you wanted it to be "Like a Cowboy."

Which hymn is a call to the saints?

"Litany of the Saints" is often sung on Easter. The hymn asks the saints to intercede for us.

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